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Big fish @ West branch broke line

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Eliminator, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Last night I was fishing tight line with some 4" suckers I caught in the creek, I had my line snapped not once but twice! Thats the last time I use 8lb line tightlining, time for some 15-20 line. The hit came on slow and steady pull just like a big cat, I felt no head shake just dead weight with some pulsating, depth was 18" dropping into 23" where I was anchored, I was just getting ready to reach the net and when that fish realized he was in trouble it just pulled so hard and fast that my drag didn't have a chance, both times, I suck. I'm not even going to bother trying that again until I get some bigger gear. Anyhow, Rock Springs bridge was lit up like a Chistmas tree with green surface lights and red lighted bobbers I wish I could have gotten a picture, i'm guessing crappie fishers.
  2. There are some big Flathead cats in there. It might have been one. Jig also told me today that Rocksprings looked like a landing strip.

  3. last weekend a couple of my friends &myself were fishi'n @wb & on two different days there were two stripers cought to the point of contact ! we wer'nt fishi'n for stripers ,so they got away! so maybe you guys cought something like that? these could be in the 40 lb range something to think about
  4. What is "caught to the point of contact?" Did you actually see two stripers?
  5. What is "caught to the point of contact?" Did you actually see two stripers?
    What I meant to say was, did you hook two stripers and get them to your boat for visual confirmation?(assuming you were boat fishing)
  6. I think he means the fish was too big to land or boat but got it in close enough to see. i'll be out there fri and sat night in the same spot with my florida rod and some creek chubs, i'll be anchored off the point just west of goose island near the rock springs ramp if anyone wants to join me feel free to come right on over I have a old 16' MFG white with an evinrude outboard and more than likely my 11 yr. old daughter. I towed some guy in to the rock springs ramp last weekend at dusk, he had a couple little kids aboard. Anyhow I'm thinking wiper, I caught one last year that probably went 10+ lbs.
  7. DanAdelman

    DanAdelman getting jigging with it

    what are you thinking tightline-ing a 4 inch sucker with 8lb test... thats crazy you know something big is going to take that especially since not to many others are determined enough to obtain them for bait...I would love to tightline some suckers but i just don't seem to have the patience when we are on the boat i am just use to trolling around constantly and casting shorelines... Good luck when you get that stronger line... Using 20lb test fireline could be ideal if you just have smaller rods and reels....
  8. well, crank awhile ,give three times that back, which goes on for 1/2 hour and some more of that routine , then everybody gets tired and the fish finally comes up to the surface and you reach for the gill,or lure body and everything gets nuts fast again! you dig? point of contact! this has never happened to you? if not your missing some real fun. happened a few times however, this did'nt happen to me this time, i was watching my buddies have some fun.
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    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    last year a huge carp wrecked my zebco 733 reel. i ended up pulling him in by hand....and yes i was at rock springs
  10. That's a new term to me.
    In July of 1993, me and one of my sons landed eight stripers at West Branch on liight surf rods, using bluegills and crappies for bait, before and right after daylight one morning. They probably averaged 23-25 pounds. The biggest is on my wall-43", 26.5 pounds. Son caught that one on a red head/white body, one ounce erie dearie bucktail?(cast the e-d body in a Mog. B&T rent-a-mold on a 5/0 long shank hook-the jig ended up about 6" long.) For that one, hewas using, a Lew Childers bass rod and reel with 12 lb. test line. That fish towed my Sea Nympth 16-R(16'7" alum. boat w/ 25 Erude) about 200 yards across the lake before tiring. We had a large musky sized net but it would not lift those fish due to the real possibility of the handle breaking. We used four hands around the rim of the net to 'drag' them over the side. We kept two, released the rest and quit after eight because our arms were aching badly. I guess you could say, we experienced the "Point of Contact" and didn't even know it!!!
  11. "yet all we really have are words, and a few good memories ! thats not too bad my friend.