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  1. :B

    Dad and I went out this morning. All week sucked as far at Saugeye,but the Channel cats are thriving. I was pretty bummed out so far for my 2 week vacation.

    Today was better. We got 7 saugeye by 7:15 am and that was all she wrote. Also a nice crappie that was still full of eggs.


    About 9 am,we trolled back to where we got the first seven eyes and something hammered my side rod. I only had 1 saugeye,dad had the other 6. Line started peeling from my cabelas depthmaster reel.Dad thought I had a snag,but I knew better. I knew it wasn't a big cat.

    It was pretty windy and we had both planerboards out. I got the fish half way in and saw my planerboard rod's bomber stuck on my line. Had to reel in the other side rod while fighting that fish. Then I handed dad the rod and cut the line to my planer rod,then had to unravel the excess tangled line on the rod with the :B . I thought it was a hawg. Got him close to the boat and turned out to be a 26" carp, UGH!!! :mad: . He inhaled my bomber, LOL.

    First carp I ever caught that ate a trolling crankbait and it barely meets Fish Ohio award. I didn't have the camera with me,but I released it.

    The year of the big flood several years ago, I snagged a carp by the tail that went over 30",and it was on a planer board. That was a nice 20 min battle.

    First time in 2 weeks that we didn't catch any channelcats!!! Also no Dinks. All good eaters,with the largest being 19".

    The saugeye are finally starting to pick up!
  2. Nice fish, sounds like some fun! my dad and i havnt fished IL for about 4 weeks now but are boat is finally fixed and we should be up their soon. hope they keep biting!

  3. :) :) I was out one day in May and had the same thing happen. Peeled off line like a snag ( or a Salmon ). Ended up being a monster carp. Fun while it lasted. I could tell from the way he was running it wasn't a Saugeye but something in you always hopes you're
  4. That carp I had snagged :T was after the big flood of 2003. There was even a full size tree floating around the main lake.

    My alltime #1 saugeye bait at that time was the firebass bomber B02. I picked 3 of them up during a shelby county bassmaster in 2002. They've been disconinued ever since.

    I snagged that carp with it and in no way in he** was I going to let it break my line. Those 3 baits landed 100's of eyes,but eventually lost all 3 of them. I wish I could locate some more of them. Been searching on Ebay for 3 yrs,but the only firebass B02's I found were the vintage ones with the larger eyescrews for the hooks:

  5. I get around the state some. I'll keep an eye out for those baits. I remember those baits but never thought of them as trolling baits at the time. Sounds like all the action is early for now.
  6. Saugmon, I finally picked up my Fish Ohio saugeye last week at IL. I've been hunting him for 9 years and pulled him in with a clown Bomber. It was the only saugeye caught all morning, 21 1/4".
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    Is trolling effective in the afternoon hours for you on Indian Lake? I haven't done much fishing up there this year; in the past, the early morning and late evening hours were the only times I really caught fish.

    Good fishing,
  8. Early in the morning hasn't been that good. Only 2 this morning, at 16" and 18" and they were on the skinny side. I threw back a 15" eye that couldn't have been 1" in diameter!!! Looked more like a pike than a saugeye.

    Friday night,we got 4 and biggest at 22". We missed quite a few fish and some were pretty decent.

    At least I won't have to send in the carp for the fish ohio, LOL. Dad got a 19",18",and 16"- all had a grayish/blue tint to them,but pretty plump.

    Saturday am: 2 eyes,both at 16" and normal color.
    Saturday PM: 2 Eyes,biggest at 20"-chunky.

    Either times have been slow,but the better eyes have hit from 7-8 pm. This is one of my worst years for saugeye trolling.

    I did get a new color of bomber from Ebay. It's the same B02 size,but is charteuse,silver herringbone,and orange belly. All the fish except a white bass came from them,but lost 1 to a snag at oldfield beach.
  9. Got 5 this morning. Worked an extra hour for #6 but no dice. Also 2 channelcats. Lost a nice one at 5:40 am.

    All between 15"-18" so nothing special. Get a fish every half hr,1hr and scattered. I'm still trolling the main lake,mainly on the northside. The area around pew has been miserable this year.

    The last 3 PM trolls haven't been much hotter,but more quality eyes.
    3-4 eyes a trip,but 3 of them were 20"-22" with 2 Fish Ohio.Also several in the 18"-19".

    Last night,total shutdown after 7 pm.Managed 3 eyes with a 22".

    The catfish and the dinks are still thriving. Water Temp is 74 degrees so at least another week or so of decent action before they disappear.No feeding frenzy,but still some action.:T
  10. went to IL Tues night. We were in the water by 6:30 and went straight across from the ramp canal and fished for some Bass for awhile in the canals on the north side before McDonalds. I got one nice Bass on a spinnerbait.

    When it started to get dark a littlebit we changed to fishing for Saugeye.

    We used minnows, Bombers (I have a bunch of them too), Rogues and Nightcrawlers on a Harness.

    We fished the WHOLE lake. Fished from the bridge on the East side all the way back up to McDonalds then down again.

    Then we just sat in the middle and drifted with 2 rods out each. One with a Minnow and one with a Nightcrawler.


    Also found the lake to be very dangerous. MY OWN OPINION
    I couldn't find more than 4 ft of water except in some of the canals where the houses are. I mean it was weird. I found 11 ft over by the bridge to the right of the Moundwood Ramp but that was in a 30 ft circle only.
    Where did the water go in that lake? I know it is a shallow lake but 4ft?

    Also, I was amazed at the amount of LARGE boats (26ft-28ft) with big motors FLYING on that lake in waters that I JUST CROSSED at 3ft. deep.

    Maybe I am just being too cautious. I don't know. I guess I just don't want to come up with 500 bucks for my stainless steel prop huh?

    Anyway, didn't do very well at all at IL again. That's 4 times now getting skunked for Eye's there while putting in more than 6 hours fishing for them.

    I'm done there now until the fall, then I'll go below the damn.
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    IL is a shallow, fertile mudpit... and it takes a while to get used to the big boats flying around in 5FOW
  12. 6:30 tuesday,the bite was over. All 3 fish were between 5:00 and 5:45 pm. Total shutdown till after 8 pm,when we left. The 7-8 pm bite was pretty good my last 3 evening trips.


    Maybe your transducer is very low?

    I've never hit anything in my last 2 boats except for when getting close to the bank.

    Dream bridge is the orinal lake,called Lewistown Reservoir. Majority of that part is well over 8' and up to 11' in the center. Even under the bridge should be 8' or so. Usually 2-3 boats always tied up to it.

    Entire Main lake-Even with the low water level I'm still getting 6' on the majority of the main lake. There's some 4' spots north of blackhawk on the east side of buoyline before the state park. Also 4' at the tri humps area...

    My snag percentage has dropped considerably,except for 1 darn stump about 100 yds east of blackhawks bay. That stump has 5-6 of my bombers. I wont start trolling till well past that area.

    Dad and I got 7 this morning-6 of them before 7:45 am. After that,only a straggler at 9:30 am then we quit. All around the east side of Chippewa. Kept doing a north/south troll and the waves were 2'.

    Planerboards finally kicking in. They wouldn't touch them for 2 weeks.

    Firecraw early,then shad,then they hit the firecraws again. I got 6,dad got 1. Also a nice 10" crappie. The eyes are getting skinier.

    I'd like to take a look at your bomber collection. I'm looking for several discontinued B02's. FireBass and a yellow/silver herringbone-orange belly.
  13. [​IMG]

    Dad got a hold of a :B this morning. Thought is was a snag till it came in. Turned out to be a 45" Old glory wind sock, LOL. Someone must have lost it a day or 2 ago because it was in excellent shape.

    After that,he got his 21.5" Fish ohio winning :B Saugeye. The windsock was a better fight, LOL. I haven't seen anything as funny since the time his buddy bob caught a rock at lake erie when we went perch fishing years ago. He'd crank it up,and the rock would drop down,up and down.Dad's still got that rock in his barn.

    The Main Lake IL eyes are still hitting in 80 degree wt,but the end is getting close. We got 7 this morning and 7 yesterday morning. The pic is the only eye to even half way brag about. Lots of dinks and channelcats seem to be dying down.