Big Day At The "V"

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  1. Yesterday I went to the "V" and had a wonderful day. The water was running pretty clear for this time of year and after fishing a couple of runs I caught three fish in a row. The next run was even better with 4 fish in a dozen casts. I stopped and ate a shore lunch I had brought and then went back to fishing. It was a great day and I couldn't believe how active the fish were. Caught 2 more in the next hour and then, and then, and then, I couldn't believe it --

    I woke up. What a great dream though.

    Just thought a little humor would make everyone's day since the weather is kicking our butts. I try to get motivated to drive quite a ways to fish the "V" but am so reluctant because the weather is so fickle. Good luck to those who brave the weather and know where to go.

  2. That is a good one my friend!!!! I'm with you on the weather bit. Just remember April is the HOT month!!!

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    wow you got me excited there for a minute! I have dreams all the time of rivers full of steelies but its never the v even tho I have only fished there and never anywhere else in my life? in my dreams I sometimes forget my rod and sometimes I cast and sometimes hook into some but I never really recall landing one all the way in my dreams. guess thats where real life comes into play for me? lol. that was a real good one tho! soon enough it will get better tho!

    PS. talk about dreams. once I had this dream I was wading the river like normal but then I stepped into a spot that was so deep I started sinking to the bottom really fast and it was like 30 feet deep but super clear and I was like I got to get my waders off or I am gonna drowned! then all of a sudden I wasn't scared anymore cause I could breath again and there was this house down there under the water. it was all rickety and rotted out and I started walking through it underwater it was kinda creepy and for some reason I was like what is this place and its kinda foggy but I recall hearing something like "this is a dead house" then I woke up. weird man I tell ya! weird! now I pay attention every step I walk and wade even tho the deepest it is is like 4 feet!