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Sunday, three of us hit the Darby for some smallies. We ended up with 14 smallies and 2 eyes. We caught most of the fish on tubes, but someone nameless did try about 10 different lures to no affect...lol. Biggest smallie was about 3.5 lbs. We would have probably caught more but a BIG rain and lightning storm came thru and got us off the water. Oh yeah never bring a camera and cell phone wading in 4 foot water , even sealed. Maybe the guilty fisherman will come forward. Again we had a good time on the water and a few stories to tell. Also I got my first leech on me while wading the Darby. Still itching today.

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sound like a good day. i was going to wade but by the time i got out the storm was right there. had about an hour and a 1/2 to fish. so fished some ponds. glad to hear about the 3.5lb smallie, they seem to be bigger than last year.

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thanks for the trip dude!! was a very memorable trip and i didnt know i was going to be a STORMTROOPER!!
i thought boot camp was over man! hell... leave me at home next time you forget to watch the weather radar!

I really don't like thinking about this anymore but (Shakedown, Chopiq) and I were probably at least 3/4 of a mile into the darby almost to the promised land last night and mother nature reared her ugly head!

Yeah ...we got stuck way back in the bush!!:D . Me and shake looked like cross country runners but Chopiq and his short legs blew by us! Crazy loud thunder and lightning all around us. We mostly went back thru the river because the nettles were tearing our legs up. So imagine 3 dudes up to our necks in water running for our lives. The ending was a kicker!!
50 yard dash straight up a slick muddy hill that was now a mini waterfall.
Nothing like a little exercise with your fishing!!

oh yeah...we caught a few fish.
think 15 smallies (chopiq had one stud that was near 3lbs):B
and a few saugers

this trip was def. not for the weak!!
maybe with all that commotion brandon has forgot how many times i retied :D
lots of advil this morning
thanks fella's

and yes i will own up to the drowning of my electronics but i swear i only retied 1X:p
i had my cell phone and camera and both were waterlogged when we stopped to access the situation we were in. Cell phone is working now but i doubt the camera will.
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