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  1. I see glowing reports on the Big Darby all the time and finally got out there for the first time in 7-8 years and for the first time to spend 1/2 a day just fishing.


    Found the river to be somewhat different than the Scioto and usual haunts this season.

    The areas I fish on the Tangy and Sci tend to have larger boulders and the shores are for the most part rock lined with very few places with flat, sandy or gravel bottom.

    I was wondering, in general do the Darby Smallies tend to stick close to shore or are they found in the bigger, slow moving pools?

    The riffles I located were so shallow and most very narrow so I doubt the Smallies could hang in them.

    I was fly fishing, generaly I use a rivers flow to drift offering through likely areas but if the Smallies are located in those pools then spinning would probably be a better option for the BD.

    Also, that river is LOADED with Chubs....tons of 'em!
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    The hole I fish most frequently is a long, slower pool. It is wide, has a steady (but not swift) current, gravel bottom lots of shore cover and several large boulders. There are hundreds of areas like this on Darby. And I fly-fish 100% of the time on Darby as well.

    At the tail end of the pool, it necks down creating a narrow, deep, and swift current. And right there you will find bull smallies, waiting for forage. I also find them around the boulders and shore cover. But the bulls love that channel.

    For a newbie- hit boulders, cover, shorelines with cover and depth, and areas that channel bait. Darby has more shallow than deep water so it may take some hiking, but thats half the fun.
    Good Luck

  3. Wow! That sounds just like what I was seeing...oodly enough that is the areas I was casting to.

    I think the slow current was throwing me off..hard to drift in nothing.

    Will try some streamers next time out.

    Thanks, that is just the type of info I was after.
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    The Darby is not at its best this year, if I was fishing it for the first time I would be wondering what all the fuss was about. There are super long parts that don't hold enough water to hold the bigger SM, BUT, you will find they have to be somewhere so depth isn't as important as is O2 shade and overhead cover, but boy are they spooky, we would catch fish by throwing long casts ahead of us then finding out where we got bites it was less than a foot deep, so don't discount because you can see bottom, two of our biggest fish last trip were in less than 18" of water.