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big darby hellgramites

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ohhunter, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. I have just recently fished the Big Darby the last 2 seasons and have only used artificial jigs and crankbaits. I am canoeing the 6 mile stretch from Trapper John's south and was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the best way to fish a live hellgramite?

  2. ohhunter,

    The best way to fish a Hellgrammite is hooked through the collar with a light wire hook and just enough split shot to keep it bounce off of the bottom in the current. I've also floated them in slower stretches of streams with some success.

  3. do u plan on buying the hellgramites or catching ur own.....see iown land right on the darby along that stretch u plan on fishing....right before the take out area for trapper johns on the right hand side there is a cabin we own..and ill tell u there is nothing better than using hellgramites down there the only problem is that darby is not as clan as it used to be the first signs of a river getting polluted is when the hellgramites and soft craws start dissappearing...the last 3 years have been really hard to catch hellgramites....we used to be able to get down and catch a few dozen in about 5 min now we are lucky to get any.....

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    What methods are you using to catch the Hellgrammites?

    We always sane (sp?) them. Use a garden ho and scrape the bottom of the creekto turn the rocks and we get plenty still.

    Hooking them threw the collar as previously mentioned works well, in deeper slower moving water I will even put them under a bober.

    Good luck!
  5. yes we always sane for thehellgramites in the fast moving water and scoot ur feet under the rocks and turn them over to let them get caught in the net
  6. Thanks all for the info! Seeing how expensive they are, I may start catching my own in the riffles by Trapper's. By the way, Lee's was out of hellgramites on Sunday morning. We still did good with 1/8 oz. jig heads in red and blue with chart. and black/blue flecked twister grubs. My friend even caught a 2 or 3 pound channel in a brush pile along the north bank in the long pool just below Trapper's. All told, we caught 11 smallies ranging from 6 or 8 in. to about 14 in. in the 6mi. stretch.
  7. ShoreBoundOne

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    There is no WRONG way to fish a smallie bait ever !!

  8. I use case hellgramites and they work pretty good, not as good as the real thing but for a few bucks you can have a years supply.
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    This has been a tough year for catching hellgramites in the Darby. All the usual spots to seine for hellgramites have not been producing any this year. I guess it's time to try the case hellgramites. :rolleyes: