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Fisherman Pulls Live Man Out of Water

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A bass fisher ended up a hero last Monday, saving a man stuck in the mud up to his chest in Lake Conestee.

"If the guy with the canoe had just not happened upon him, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have died there," Belmont Fire Chief Anthony Segars said. "He could have screamed his lungs out and wouldn't have been heard."

Mike Slagle said he had caught two bass before noticing something "kind of purple" covered in mud in the water.

Once Slagle realized it was a man, he tried to pull 36-year-old Steve Camden out, but could only get him partway out of the mud.

Lacking a phone, Slagle decided to paddle half a mile back to a convenience store for help.

"I was just asking God to let him live until I could get back," Slagle said.

When Slagle returned with a friend, Camden was unconscious and had fallen back into the water, his head nearly submerged.

"I believe he was drowning," Slagle said. "I held his head up with my boat paddle, and I could tell he must have been passed out."

Slagle scrambled on the bank and grabbed Camden by the hair and pulled his head out of the water. He then wrapped his legs around Camden and pulled him out of the mud.

"I just held on to him and kept telling him it's gonna to be all right."

Camden was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital , where he was in fair condition Tuesday afternoon, spokeswoman Robyn Zimmerman said.

"I thank the Lord I was able to help him," Slagle said. "I just hope he's gonna be all right."

— Thanks to Out There reader Jeep B.

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It's nice to read something good once in awhile. This brings back memories of Doc and Buckeye Bob saving a mans life a couple years ago while we were all down on the Ohio river. The mans bass boat flipped after hitting a large boat's wake. This guy was down for the count, he was under, and these two took one last stab at him and caught his collar of his shirt. He would have drowned. CATKING.

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Amen Catking.

Good to hear something on the good side for once.
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