Big Bass Swallowed Blue Gill!!

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  1. My wife and I we catching crappie and bluegill on ultra-lites today out of the pond we live by. She was reeling in a bluegill when all of a sudden a huge bass came up and swallowed the gill, It was an awesome site!!! The bass was huge, probably 4-5lbs. She set the hook but the small jig wouldn't set. The gill came out of the bass's mouth when another bass came up and swallowed the gill!! My heart was beating fast, but once again the jig was too small to set. The gill came back out and the two bass were almost like play volleyball with the gill trying to eat it. Once we got the gill in and released it, it barely swam off. What a crazy thing to expirence. Tomorrow I'm going back out with a bluegill swimbait to catch him!!
  2. Sounds pretty neat, I have seen bass running gills in the past and its a crazy site, I had a medium size bass swirl at a crappie a few years back but Im not so sure he wasnt pretecting the beds, my son and I went to a local pond tonight and caught a few LM largest maybe 14" and a couple nice crappie.

  3. Went back out this morning and caught him!!

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    FishThis strikes again!! Good to see your'e still out there slaying them.

    We used to bellyboat strip pits for bluegills. The big bass would follow you around and attack the gills as you reeled them in. My buddies ended up catching a few using gills for bait with a stinger treble hook hanging off of them. They didn't seem to spook from the bellyboat. I never connected on one but it still was exciting.