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    The big bass pot is a large container that tournament directors use to put the biggest bass of the tourney in so everyone can see. ;)

    All kidding aside its an additional fee tournament anglers pay. That money goes to the person or team who brings in the largest bass of the tourney. Some tourneys the big bass pot is included in the entry fee and others it is an additional fee that is optional. Hopefully this can clear the :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: confusion away.

  2. BigBassPot...

    Grown in the lowlands of Jamacia, smuggled via waterways into the US- it is known to produce the highest levels of euphoria :p

    If you can't get BigBassPot, you might settle for the 15lbPot - it can be pretty good! :p
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    Big Bass Pot was developed by a couple of guys down in LA, while harvesting their crops they noticed that the buds were rather small, they had heard of folks putting Carp in their Flower/Garden beds and producing very healty plants, being avid Bassers they decided to try Bass, always using the biggest they could catch they fertilized their crops with such, producing Buds that were comparable to the circumference of the mouth of said Bass and BIGGER they found out however that when they lit up it kinda smelled like dead fish and noticed the stems took on a rather scalish looking appearance, during their so called state of Euphoria they said the world took on a perspective perhaps seen thru the eyes of a fish, best related by reflecting back on the movie Hot Shots where the guy had "Walleye Vision" while trying to talk pilots down on the carrier, they also used dried skins of the filets for rolling purposes which they said produced a smooth even burn.
  4. Big Bass Pot is when you give extra money to the tourney official for someone else to have.

  5. You can get the BigBassPot at LaDoobie :p
  6. I was kinda thinkn' about ladoobie when I saw this...lololololol
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    All I can say is you guys are nuts! If its getting this bad already , we are in for a long 2.5 months to come! :D