Big Bass on the Tangy

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  1. Went out tonight to a hole on campus I found last week that was stacked with largemouth. However tonight was slow. No fish until about 8:15 when i caught a 12incher. Then nothing until 8:45 when a monster inhaled my bait. Put up a good fight. She was about 18-19 inches in length and was fat with eggs so maybe in the four pound range give or take. Wish I had a normal camera. Only have picts on my phone and no way of transfering them. She was a monster bass for the tangy.

  2. yea man, just text the pic from your phone to ur email, then save from email to ur pics, then upload them from your pics to the ogf site
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    Nice fish man! Are you talking the south, or north end of campus?
  4. I caught her on the south end of campus with a tube.