big $$$$ antique bait

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by freyedknot, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    Luredaddy probably has 6 of those:D

  2. Rick,
    I have never had that Heddon, but it is way down the list . Condition is everything! I found this bait about 15 years ago, one of the premier Heddon baits, ever found. I no longer own it, thank goodness!!!
  3. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    my brother just picked one up like that with the prop on the front,but without the box. witch is prolly half the value?
  4. seethe303

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    are old Heddon baits usually worth some $$$ ?

    I have one I inherited from my grandfather. Its a lipped floating crankbait. I could get some pics....
  5. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    the box that goes with it is half the price or more ,just as old toys .