Beware! Virus going around!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tuna Can, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Just thought I'd put out a Community Health Bulletin! There is an internal combustion engine bug going around and it can cross contaminate make, models and species! It started in August with the outboard, once the boat got back from the infirmary, apparently, it was still a carrier. Waiting for the weather to jive with my schedule to get out fishing, my Dodge caught it! The symptoms started right before I met up with George in Vermillion the week before the Hawgfest And went down 2 days later. My Dakota was out for almost 2 weeks (no spark, no fuel) before my neighbor and I (well, really my neighbor!) figured it out and got the correct treatment regimen and got it running Wednesday evening. Over $400 later, turned out to be corroded wire splices at the Power Distibution Box:mad: . Wednesday afternoon, while heading to a junk yard in Painesville for an ECM (unneccessary, as it turns out), my 98 Contour caught it (over heating, temp gauge pegged)! No backyard mechanic this time. Towed it straight to my mechanic in Eastlake. Didn't want to hear it, again, from the wife for not taking the Dakota to the car doctor. No home remedy this time! So, we had no running land vehicle for about 4 hours Wednesday!!!
    I am not going to let my lawnmower, snowblower, edger or 9 1/2 hp outboard anywhere near the others:p
    I may even keep the electric weed eater away as well........Ya know, just in case!!!!
  2. lol those viruses can be bad :p