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Beware of your lousy rotten insurance company!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bkr43050, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. The following is my most recent experience with my insurance company. I hope that this will help some others in choosing their insurance company in the future and in dealing with their current company should a similar experience happen to them.

    This past Friday we received a letter from our insurance company. I will not mention their name but let's just say that they are definitely no longer on my side.:mad: Their letter stated that we no longer meet the underwriting criteria and that they will be unable to continue our coverage beyond the current contract period. As if that was not a difficult enough idea for us to accept they also only gave us 30 days notice (until Jan. 10th when our policy would have renewed). Not to mention that this 30 days overlaps two holidays and who wants to deal with something like this at Christmas time.

    Obviously this hit us totally off-guard as we have no real history of disputes with them. They stated the reasons as

    1. Our roof was in unacceptable condition - We had some shingles blow off a while back which has been an ongoing struggle with us on this roof and we asked that they help us replace more shingles than the few that had been blown off. Of course they declined. The repair is already scheduled to be done and had they asked we would have told them.
    2. Unprotected steps/stairs - This one has me baffled as we have only added a deck about 10 years ago and it has two steps coming down from it. This is the same as the deck on the other side of the house which has been this way since prior to us moving in. Even if it is one of these stairs, I would expect a request from the insurance company to make the change before cutting us off.
    3. Aggressive dog - This is the most outrageous one of all. Our dog is a half golden retriever and half yellow lab. I have since spoken to other insurance companies and they said that yes they have a list of aggressive dogs but no that dog would not be among those on the list.
    We are meeting with our agent this afternoon and believe me we have plenty of questions for him. I will try to give an update here so that others can be prepared.

    Oh by the way, they stated in the end of the letter that we could remedy the conditions to become eligible again for coverage. That remedy, as stated, includes relinquishing ownership of the dog.:rolleyes: As if they think I would ever value our relationship with their insurance company enough to give up a family pet rather than moving on.

    They may think that they have only removed one customer, and apparently a risky one in their mind, but believe me they have tarnished their reputation far worse than that. I am making an effort to tell everyone that I know about the situation and I hope they lose plenty more customers over this. After paying premiums to them for 20+ years, I expected much more from them. My parents are 40+ years and are seriously planning on changing as are a few others that I have spoken to.
  2. Chuck P.

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    Give 'em hell Brian. :mad:

  3. That is utterly ridiculous. My folks had a Springer Spaniel that BIT a neighbor (subsequently diagnosed with rage syndrome and put down) and their insurance raised their rates a bit but, like a good neighbor :rolleyes: , did not drop them. This was right after a $15,000 chimney replacement claim (hit by lightning). I suppose it may have been because they had a total of 8 other policies (between myself and siblings) that would have gone bye bye if they cancelled them.

    I know that there was a separate policy they were offered just to cover the dog. Perhaps that is an option?
  4. That may be good info to know. I will be sure to contact my "neighbor".;) We have paid better than $15,000 in premiums for the home and have collected less around $4,000. That to me hardly sounds like we have hurry their pockets.:rolleyes:

    The option of a separate policy for our dog is simply not an option at this point because it is absolutely unwarranted. Our dog is a house dog and thus is never out running when we are not out as well. And there has never been an occurrence of her being aggressive. Sure she barks loudly when someone comes to the door but what dog doesn't? And besides I want it that way.

    We don't have as many policies in our family as that but I my parents have both home and auto as well as my brother...for now.
  5. Coincidentally I spoke to a friend yesterday that gave me the same story for his policy about two years ago with the same company as ours. He had never filed a claims in the many years with the company then had one for water damage in his basement. The claim seemed to be handled fine at the time but about two months later he received a similar type letter as ours stating that they could no longer cover their home. Heaven forbid anyone should ever have to collect anything on their policy.:mad:
  6. Goldens and Labs can be very vicious....

    If you are a dead duck in the water :p

    For someone to qualify that dog as aggresive is just plain ignorant. I believe labs and goldens rank #'s 1 and 2 respectively in dog ownership....they sure are throwing a lot of potential business down the toilet. I am sure local lab and golden owners would like to hear about this:

    Golden Retriever Club of Columbus, Ohio
    Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Club
  7. Thanks for the links. That may be a good way to put a little more heat on them.;)
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    My girlfriend had them for auto before I got her on my insurance with @!!state. They were always a hassle to work with. Not saying every place is but the one she was through was a pain. PLus they were more expensive than mine. Easy choice to make. Plus if I bought the new car, it was going under the same insurance I already had. hope things work good for you though!
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    Sad buisness the insurance companies they want our money for ever but when its time for them to pay now they have a problem. I hate to say it but i only see this kind of thing getting worse unless we as customers and the gov step in and do something. Simple fact is they can do about anything they want and have us by the barrel because if all companies said lab's were vicious dogs what are we going to do we have to have insurance. Someone needs to do something. I have a choc lab he's a bigger baby than my kids.
    I also saw something a while back on the news about how some of the companies that had covered the hurricane area were going to drop alot of the people or raise there rates and the gov said i don't think so.
    Good luck bkr43050, keep us informed
  10. Here is our fierce canine.;) You can tell why she strikes fear into people.:rolleyes:

  11. A swimming dog? Maybe they are worried about amphibious assault. :D
  12. I had sort of the same problem. I HAD a policy with a company that wanted me to spend 4500 bucks to tear down a bank barn and dairy barn on the farm so that they could continue to cover my liability! the excuse was a wall was leaning!had been for 40 yrs!!they seem to think you can do what they tell you when you have commercial or farm ins. they just want to be your friend and help protect you?? but use the excuse of cost of living to creep up the rates by using square footage not value to push rate above what you want or need!! anyway I told em"hit the road"!!after 20 yrs. it was time for a change!!! had some Amish jack up the wall fixed groundhog and settling damage all for 1700 bucks!! and the barn is still standing at the farm.these guys were the ins. company that years ago sponsered "gadd about gaddis"!!! thats a long time ago!!!I wouldnt send a client to them for a million bucks!!
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    Insurance companies across the board are trying to suck you and everyone else dry.
    My sister was threaten with loss of house insurance because they had a "viscous" minature daschund! A 10 lb. dog that you could boot a 50 yard field goal with!!!
    Look at your health insurance. Mine has gone up over 100% each of the last two years.
    Now look at the caps on lawsuits that was paid for and championed by insurance companies and their "pay to play" or paid off Ohio Senators and House members.
    Ever notice that when the stock market is in the dumps insurance companies always whine about excessive lawsuit judgements? Happened in the early '70's, early '80's, early '90's and they even had to gall to whine when the market was roaring in the late '90's.

    It's called profit and greed my friend. The exex's bonus's are only in the low to mid 6 figures. How in the heck can you expect them to live on that piddley amount of money not withstanding their regular salaries and stock options.
    My wife works for A***a (at least for a few more months). Most of your health claims are or will very soon be paid from India. Our Akron office closes early next year. The official spokeswomen told the local paper that the jobs were being located to Fort Wayne, Indiana.
    LIAR!!! They are going to Mumbai, India.

    But that's capitalism my friend. Love it, hate it or both. It's the best system us humans have found yet to run an economy.
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    I also think it is going to take the government to step in to stop the continuing rise in insurance costs. But we all know they won't unless it is an extreme case like in Florida. It is like the Post Office. The are going to increase postage because they can't keep up with the costs to operate. If you all dealt with as many highly paid "idiots" with this place as I have, you would understand how I feel about that too! It is unreal how people say they need more money to operate, yet this money goes to paying more and more to people without the experience.......ok I was off on a Tangent.....back to insurance.......When I went in for child support, they said that since I do not have insurance and my employer did not offer it, that when it came available at a reasonable cost, I had to carry it for my daughter. I would love to have it for her. However, her mom does not work now, if she did and even when she did, she could have gotten it for way less than me but refused to because they told me to not her. Now with the way these insurance prices are going, all of them, how am I supposed to get this and still make it? Beats me, but as long as the insurance people are raking in the dough, that is all that matters. Auto and everything. They are all crooks. I wished I could sart m own insurance place. I would be cheap enough for people to afford, and hassle free. :rolleyes: That would be the day!
  15. my wife is an Agent for the "like a good neighboor" insurance company. They actually pay claims out very easily. The premiums are a bit higher, but when you need to make a claim it's all worth it.

    We have never personally made a claim yet, but many of my family members have and they paid it right away. In fact they just paid out over $38,000 for an accident my brother-in-law had in October and they didn't drop him.
  16. So far I have been able to determine that I am not the only one that they are doing this crap to. And also even more encouraging is that I am hearing that there are still companies out there that will honor their word. I certainly hope that when I make my change I am with one who does just that.
  17. About 2 years ago after moving to PA, my cheap bargain basement auto insurance was suddenly going to become quite pricey. 2x my usual 6 month premimum in Ohio. When I asked about the price increase, I was told because I moved to another state my Ohio policy had to be voided and a new policy drawn up for PA. Okay, I say, but what about all the "good driver" discounts I had amassed? I'm told sorry, those discounts apply to your policy, not you as a driver and your policy with all the discounts has been voided for the new policy thereby losing all your accumilated discounts. To that I respond with a simple "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!! Was my policy driving my car or me???" no matter, that's our company policy I'm told in an obviously aggitated tone. So I say to myself, "Self we're not gonna take this bunk. sure we've been a loyal customer, but we now see where the loyalty lies." So I jump on the web here at work and hit up a few insurance company websites looking for quotes. Low and behold the "Good Hands"folks are far and away the best priced option. So I figure I better jump on this before they change their minds. So I call them up and talk to a rep (keep in mind this is like 4:30 PM on a Friday right after new years and Ohio State is playing for the championship) and say sign me up. She was quite happy to obligue. Now I'm a happy guy... Not only did I get to blow off the insurance company that wasy trying to rob me blind, but I got a alot better rate too!!! Happy day, I now have car insurance and can LEGALLY drive home (now that it's 6:30 PM). Well about 30 minutes later I get another phone call from the "Good Hands" folks to tell me that despite the rate I was quoted and my payment of the premimum in full, they will have to drop my coverage. Now I'm quite simply LIVID. I'm being dropped by my auto insurance company BEFORE I've even driven?!?!?! Needless to say, I told her whatever, accept that they'll refund to my card and terminate our business relationship. Onward and upward, desperate to go home at this point, I call Progressive. Not the best rate, but better then my old company and slightly higher than the hands folks. I just pay over the web and print out my cards so noone can call tell me that they want to drop me too before I can get out the door with cards in hand. :D About a month or so later I still hadn't seen my refund from Allstate, so I call. Of sure, we see where the refund should have been issued. no problem I'll get right on it. rince repeatr 2 or 3 more time over the next several months and still no refund. Finally I get a message at home from a local agent. I think, great I've been assigned to a person with a face that I can actually lay hands on. Progress is being made I say. I call the gentleman back and he asks me when I want to come in and sign my policy. I laugh in his face!!! I then proceed to explain my situation to him and it become clear why I won't be signing today. Then to top it all off, I get a bill in the mail for like $17 dollars. I chuck it because hey it has to be a mistake. months come and go, cpoies of the $17 bill have came and went into the trash when I get a nasty gram from Allstate saying I've been turned over to collections! I call again, this time I'm not very nice to the poor girl that answers and she starts to freak on me. I calm down a bit and she explains the $17 was for 30 days of coverage AFTER they dropped me. I say what?!?!?! COme to find out after they dropped me they still, by law had to provide 30 days of insurance unless I had other coverage and if I faxed a copy of my declarration page to them it would all be taken care of. Nice od the lady to tell me about that 30 day law... Needless to say 6 months is gone and still no refund and now I'm in collections. Sthey say the check was issued, but I never got it. so now I start all over and finally get a check (minus $17 dollars :rolleyes: ). at that point is was just personal and nearly 1 year after they dropped me (before I could even drive), I got a check in the mail fior $17. Great rates, but NEVER AGAIN

  18. On that link you gave there is a link to another article about dogs and insurance.

    Here is an excerpt:

    "The first is to refuse coverage for certain breeds. The Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company's criteria is typical. The company compiled its list of breeds to ban based on frequency of dog bites, the reputation of the breed, the insurance company's own research and information from the CDC. Nationwide has deemed Rottweilers, Dobermans, pit bulls, Presa Canarios, Chows and wolf hybrids ineligible for homeowners coverage. In these cases, the homeowner can get a Nationwide policy, but the insurer (and others with similar guidelines) simply will not pay any claims related to the listed dogs."

    Don't know if you saw that or not.
  19. Thanks for pointing that out Onion! I had overlooked that direct reference to Nationwide in my haste. That was just the kind of thing I was hoping to find before heading to the agent's office.:D I am headed there right now still mad as hell.

    I will update later.