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  1. Hi To all my fishing buddies out their, This is just a note to let you know what happen with me and NGC sports, for those of you who dont know them, they sell fishing lures, and a advertiser in fishing club, On the 19 of June I ordered some lures from them, they say shipped in two days, ha ha, well two days after I used my creidt card on their site it was hacked and used on ebay, I know this for a fact because I only used this card on their site, they told me there system went down over weekend go figure. Well when I called the the customer service rep she told me, no way this could happen and my order was working, Well on June 30, I get a email it was shipped, far from 2 days A. I let them know what happen they had a I dont care attitude, and was kinda rude on phone, wow! I told the fishing club my whole story and they are going to remove them from their site. Please be carefull when you order from companys on line no site is safe. I had to cancel my credit card, call ebay, call my bank, what a hassel! Good luck, Great fishing, God Bless, Kim MrStarkCounty
  2. I never ever order anything online with a credit card . it just isnt safe.

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    Thanks for the update!
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    i have ordered plenty of items online for the last 5 yrs and never had a problem / i only order thru reputable dealers though. who/what is ngc spiorts?
  5. I just looked them up. They are out of CT, affliated with a larger company.
  6. You do realize, that every time you use your credit a store or at a pump...that information goes across the internet. EVERYTHING you do with a credit card is online, bro.

    All you can do is make sure your credit card company offers fraud protection. That's your best defense. Oh, and check your balance daily...if you can't access your statement online, get a card where you can. You may not like it, but this is the way things are.
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    Correction.....not all credit card transactions go over the internet, LOL I almost ordered from the same company, but something told me not to.
  8. I'm in computers and everything is available online nowadays. Your banking info, your stock/bonds info, tax's all accessible whether you take advantage or not.

    I pay bills online, check my bank balance online, check my 401k online, etc.

    I have 1 credit card - that's it. I don't go for the gimmicks to get 10 or 30% when opening a new credit card. Just one will do. I also don't switch credit card companies - I've been with mine for over 10years and so far, it's been clean. Prior to that, I was the victim of credit card fraud.

    If you could pay cash for everything, that'd be the way to do it. No way to keep track of your buying habits, etc.