Beware of Cabelas!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CCRiley2, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. CCRiley2

    CCRiley2 Bass-turd

    If your thinking of getting one of the discounted quantum reels from Cabelas be carefull!
    I ordered the quantum energy 20 spinning reel, thinking I was getting a new/last year model. I was way off.
    I could tell after the first reel that it was not right. It didn't move even close to as sooth as my friends energy or my old catalyst.
    I then took the spool off and noticed there was no red "hot sauce" residue.
    Then noticed that the screw that holds the anti-reverse lever spring on the spool was completely busted and you couldn't even replace.
    When I took the handle off to put the reel back into the box I noticed a small shaving of metal that must have made it's way out when I was reeling it.

    Mine is back in the box and on it's way back. I will never order from Crapelas again!
  2. I’m sure Cabelas has grown into a multi-million dollar business because they send out broken products every time. :rolleyes: Have you thought about calling them? Every company makes mistakes. It’s how they handle them that matters. Think about it next time YOU make a mistake.


    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    Cabelas is the best when it comes to taking back returns. I got a bad reel once from them out of maybe 15 I have already. I returned it for a full refund. No hassle at all. In my book Cabelas is the best outdoor store out there.
  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    ditto what magis said.all you need to do is contact them,and they will rectify the problem.
    my guess is out of the millions of items they sell every year,it's very unlikely that such a problem will never occur;)
  5. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover


    Cabelas is great to deal with - they didn't get where they are with bad service.
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Defensor Fortis

    I have had nothing but the best from Cabelas. I am sure that Cabelas does not open every box and inspects each and every item before shipping. Sounds like Quantum has lousy quality control. Can't put the blame on Cabelas for that.

    Give them call, and I bet you'll change your mind about them.
  7. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    I once had a catfish rod (Phil King Sig Series) shipped to me w/ the guide broken off, just the guide (tip). I called they shipped another out that day. They told me to keep the old one too. So I had one 7 foot rod and 1 6 foot 9 inch rod. (too bad those rods suck!)

    Anyways.... just proof of how Cabelas handled me. I was extremely pleased.
  8. I have had nothing but great experiences with Cabelas. I once bought a pair of bibs for archery hunting. They were advertised for bow hunting and how quiet they were. Well I went to the UP and it was COLD, my silent hunting bibs sounded like a bag of potato chips in my tree stand. I still filled my tags and even got blood on them and Cabelas still took them back for store credit.

    I sold a couple of PENN Line Counters about a month ago and one of the reels was not completely assembled. According to the buyer the handle was just laying in the box with the hardware. Since the reel box was still factory sealed and I don't open each box before I mail it out I was shocked. The buyer was cool about it and I sent him a couple of jet divers as a way to say "sorry" even though it wasn't my necessarily my fault. It just happens!

  9. sady dog

    sady dog sady dog

    dude I freakin love that damn squirrel.....that makes me laugh so hard every time i read a post with you on there....makes me want to drink and take home hot women.:) :) :) :)
  10. I will echo what others on here have said about Cabelas customer service. I believe they are top shelf. I have never had a bad experience with them either. They are one of the few companies that I have dealt with in recent years that I can say that so wholeheartedly about. It seems that every time I have had to call them about something they answer immediately. How many companies claim that nowadays. They are very friendly and I have the utmost confidence that they will take care of the problem.

    If you indeed received a damaged reel straight out of the box, I really don't see how that could even be blamed on Cabelas. They didn't make the reel. Remember it was a Shimano reel.;) I am sure that part of the reason Cabelas is able to stand behind the product is because they have reputable suppliers like Shimano standing behind them to correct the problem.
  11. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Personally, i think the guy that started this is just trolling. This isn't the place to bring complaints about a company and they haven't even been notified about it.:mad: Take care of your buisness with them. Not on a fishing board.
  12. I agree with chaunc... If you would contact them, they would take care of you.

    Great customer service for sure.
  13. CCRiley2

    CCRiley2 Bass-turd

    I understand where you all are coming from and I would usually think the same thing and have in the past. I have called Cabelas and my best hope is that they don't charge me the 7.50 to ship it back. The customer service lady even said that you must have recieve a used reel, like this is some kind of common knowledge. This is Cabelas fault and (my belief) that it's corporate'ss plan to start making more money, by fooling people who have never oredered from them by sending them out refurbished reels.

    The reason I know it couldn't have come from quantum is the fact that it didn't have hot sauce on it. Why would quantum refurbish a reel and not use there grease?
  14. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    roflmao, how in the world is this Cabelas fault??? Quantum's product was broken, not Cabelas! Do you really think a retailer of that size actually opens each product they recieve to make sure it's not busted?! Who the heck knows what happened to your reel but call Cabelas explain the situation, they'll have you send it back and get a new one in route to ya. How hard is that?
  15. I have ordered from Cabela's a few times. I usually use BPS as they are right down the street, but sometimes there is something I want that Cabela's has only, or its a cheaper price. They are by far one of the smoothest companies to deal with. Fast shipping, great customer service, just all around a great company. They shipped me the wrong item once. I called them up, they apologized about it, told me to ship it back using the pre-paid sticker included with my package and that they would have the right thing in the mail the next day. Smooth as can be.

    I don't think cabela's was trying to screw you, and I don't think Quantum was either, but every manufactuer and distributer makes mistakes. To stop buying from a company or to bash it over a mix up with a reel is rediculous.
  16. I bought an abu garcia c5 baitcaster. When I got it I noticed it was defective. I used the prepaid label sent it back and had a new reel within a week. Cabelas has top notch customer service.
  17. What your saying just doesn't make sense. These retailers spend alot of money and effort to get a customer to buy from them. Why, after all their efforts would they knowing send you junk. All these guys have to offer is service, you can buy these products anywhere.

    Cabela's is a great company.
  18. DAB


    I have never ordered anything form Cabelas so I can't comment on their service or the products they sell. However, I do have a Quantum reel which I accidently sat on last summer and broke the handle. Two weeks ago I called Quantum customer service and explained what i had done and asked about getting a replacement handle and asked what the cost would be. I was told that I could get a new handle at no charge for the handle but there would be a $6.95 handling and shipping charge. Sounded good to me and I ordered it. Three days later a box arrived at my house with a handle in it. However it was a wrong handle for the reel I had. I felt the mix up was as much my fault as theirs because i didn't have much information to give them. I then went on their web site and looked up the information iI needed and gave them another calland explained about getting the wrong handle and gave them more infromation. They apologized and three days later I recieved the correect handle. As far as I know there was no additional shipping charge. -- I have been in sales and customer service for 35 years and I want to tell you, this was good customer service. Thank you Quantum. DAB
  19. I seldom order any of my fishing tackle or equipment from Cabelas or other discount stores as I prefer to support the local independent tackle and/or bait shops where I can see, touch and inspect what I am purchasing.
    However and with that being said I wiill note that there have been items I received from Cabelas that I didn't feel were what I expected or were defective and Cabelas took them back without question or additional charges.
    To find fault with Cabelas regarding something they simply receive and pass on is in my opinion a mistake on the buyer's way of thinking. Was the item "made in China?" Does that tell you anything?
  20. cantsleep

    cantsleep 3rd shift blues

    Another thumbs up for Cabelas here. I've never dealt with ANY company that has better service.
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