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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by 2talltim, Dec 5, 2007.

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    i book my trip to Vegas on orbits about a month ago...when i was in the booking process there was a deal that said my trip qualified for a discount so i entered the code it supplied i got $75 off the trip so i finished booking thinking i got a great deal ..... fast forward to today ...i look at my bank statement there was a charge on there i did not recognize it only said 12/05/2007 C&C TLG*GREAT FUN $12.99 so i call the bank to find the contact info for this charge and there wanst i did a google search and this is what i found (if you look at these links you will see) to put it bluntly I'm not the first .....i found their phone number on one of the links and called them where they told me in the terms of my orbits discount i agreed to this service i told them i was p!$$ed they said they would refund my money and cancel this account but after reading some of those complaints i didn't trust them and called my bank to have my card number changed too....there may have been some fine print that i missed but i honestly don't remember anything that even related to this company being mentioned...i called orbits to complain to them and all they said was they would bring my complaint up to the head supervisor ( gee thanks for nothing) any way just be mindful and check your statements regularly
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    Sounds like one of those " If it looks to good to be true " deals. Has happened to a lot of us. Don't beat yourself up about it. At least you got it taken care of.

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    i only got taken for $12.99 but after reading some of the other complaints others have been taken for $100 or more guess i should be thankful
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    Isn't it time to double your signature?
  5. So you got charged $12.99 to use a discount code?
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    signature changed just for you...LOL:D
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    2talltim , be very carefull and watch your bank account . I had had charges for the same company come out of mine . I had never bought or signed up for anything . I eventually found a number for them as well and they said that the fee's would be refunded and no longer be taken from my account . I was charged the same fee's the following month . I called them back and they gave me the same lines . I emediatly contacted my bank . They could not or would not stop these charges from being deducted from my account . I ended up haveing to close the account to get the charges to stop . :(
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    i already had my card number changed so just that would not happen
  9. 2talltim

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    i dont believed they actually did credit me the money back to my account i honestly thought they were just going to blow me off...better safe than sorry