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  1. Anybody shop at this place?Service work? Looking for info and feed back.

  2. nice people & they do good work. Larry

  3. I think you might be wrong...
  4. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Little more info on that please. Was actually going to be going into the market for a boat in the next year or two and was definitally going to be checking them out since they carry the brand I am most interested in.
  5. Fishman, I took my boat to be winterized by them for the past four years. This past year they winterized by boat and left the gas cap off. I called them after bringing it home and explained to them the problem. The problem was the called me on a Wednesday and it rained Friday through Sunday. I picked it up on Monday and noticed the gas cap was off. How much water do you think is in the tank now? I called and talked to the service writer told him what the problem was. They agreed to pump out my tank and fill with gas. Uh, my boat hold 110 gallons of gas. When I called to tell them I was bringing my boat back to have them pump out and bleed my fuel tank and line, they were pricks. I brought my boat back to them and after about one week, I saw it just sitting in the back of their yard. I finally called them and told them I was picking it up. So, I paid them to winterize my boat at $175 dollars. I have to pump out my system out myself, refill my tank at 100 gallons at $4.00 a gallon. Seems to me I got screwed. I will never use their services again.

    I am a business person. I own my own business. I have been in business for 27 years. And, if I ran my business as they do, I would have been out in less than a year. This is not a rant. Well, maybe it might be. You be the judge.
  6. Yikes! I wonder if there is a way to test the fuel for water content and decide if you can just add "dri-gas"? For that kind of money and hassle, it's worth looking into.
  7. My friend took his bass boat to them for service. He was having a hard to start problem. They are "parts changers", not problem solvers.
  8. I'd stay away from Bethel Marine.....I would not trust them with my riding mower...
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    Where is this place located...125 or right off of it close to EF lake???
  10. st.rt 125....east of amelia.In Eastfork region..
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    Okay, I just wanted to make sure it was not the same place I had an experince with a while back. If memory serves me it isn't the same outfit. I had dealt with a place just before there off the beaten path. It's off the same road where the Fireworks outlet is located.
  12. Hooked..That would be EastFork Marine,Yup...You guessed it I was screwed by them also.I will do all the work myself.I hope these Business read these threads,,,,Screw them ........also.......
  13. I've been in there, they treated me pretty good. Very helpful to me.
  14. Pumped My tank.Add seafoam..Let sit for a few days.....Put in about 50 Gallons of gas at 4$ plus a gallon.......Boat runs great...Changed Fuel water filter 2 times......Guess I'll Be all right..

    However........Have a contact with the head Mechanic for petermann bus service.Gave me some Paste to put on the end
    of a dow rod,Said "if it turns Purple ,It's water".Put paste about 3 inches up dow rod.Have about 1 Inch of water..

    110 Gal gas...1 inch water @ water line,as if was floating....Pump it....

    So I did.....

    I really give up on customer service,Unless I shop in my own store............

    Yea.....I'm Pissed

    But....My boat runs great and I fixed it Myself....

    Screw you Bethel Marine........