Best zoom bait?

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  1. In your opinion, which is the best zoom soft plastic bait? My choice would have to be the fluke in albino color. It always kills the bass no matter what the conditions are like. Post your comments please =)
  2. Lewis


    Red Shad U Tail Worm

  3. I won't ever stick with one type as a favorite. I sort of like them all! Gotta be able to adapt!

    U-tails in red shad, tequila green, tequila sunrise, june bug, motoroil/chartruse

    Super Flukes in Arkansas Shiner, albino green, watermelon seed

    Trick worms in motor oil, black, watermelon seed

    lizards in watermelon seed, pumkin seed, black

    I like them all!
  4. i agree with BD..i like em all!! really like the baby bass, watermelon candy and white trick worms! in flukes albino and rainbow shad,and the horny toads in green pumpkin
  5. super fluke
    finesse worm
    speed craw
    super hog
  6. If I had to choose one I would pick the brush hog. I like white or black with redflake.
  7. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    finesse worm.
    It is by far my favorite bait.

    Zoom Finesse worm + Spot Remover = Lots of fish ANYWHERE
  8. I will tell you my least favorite is the chunk trailer. Nothing bad about the rest except they make to many for me to use.TRICK WORM
  9. bass


    TRICK WORM for me
  10. green tube with silver flakes
  11. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    pearl super flukes

    I really like the Zoom products but they tear too easily. So I only use their super flukes. If I want to use regular worms, I'll use Culprit. You get twice as many and they last much longer.
  12. Trick worm then super chunk trailer
  13. OSU_Fisherman

    OSU_Fisherman Bassin' Buckeye

    Finesse Worm in Pumpkin
  14. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    another one for finesse worms. I like the centipede inplace of a senko too
  15. Flukes in White Ice are great for Wipers ,Largemouths in the Fall, and Saugers like them on a Leadhead.
  16. I use just about everything they make. Really like the finesse worms along with the lizards and u-tails. Use mostly punkin with chartruse tails or dye them myself. The lizards are a real killer on a carolina rig. The finesse worms are great on a shakey head.
  17. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

  18. Anything off of the Ultra Vibe line...especially the speed worm.

    I like their finesse worms too...just not as much as Robo Worms.
  19. 4" Dead Ringer
    4" C Tail Worm
    7" U Tail
    Trick Worm

    June Bug in stained water or watermelon seed in clear water

    Good Fishin'
  20. The bait I liked the best were the z nails. They quit making them for some reason. It was sorta like a senko with one end tapered down. I use to catch alot of bass at night on the black with blue specks. They costed more than the trick worms. Wish they would bring them back.