Best way to store anchor rope?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lawrence1, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. lawrence1

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    To keep it from becomig tangled, what do you do? Just the rope, no gizmo's or milk crates wanted. Thanks
  2. freyedknot

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    well, i put mine on an extension cord reel. cost $5.00 and hold 100 ft of 3/8 line, and i can reel it up easily after i pull the anchor.

  3. UFM82

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    The orange ones from Lowes- they hold my rope which is 150' of 1/2" twisted nylon. It gets full to the edge but it all fits. I never use much more than half of it on the Ohio but have used all 150' while offshore anchored over a wreck or structure.

    They're easy to roll up, easy to deploy an anchor with and easy to store.

  4. Gju42486

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    i just keep mine coiled in a 5 gallon bucket. No way it can get tangled....the end of the line is on the bottom and the line closest to the anchor is on top, simple and easy.
  5. jeffmo

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    i do the same but i drill holes in the bottom of the bucket to let any water out.
  6. KaGee

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    I also use the electric cord reel.

    Just don't let your kid throw out the anchor and watch as the line runs all the way out and off the reel! :mad:
  7. jennis9

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    we use a plastic mesh bag and just toss it in loosely and have had no problems. it has big handles on it so we can toss the rode wherever we need it. it also dries out since it's mesh.
  8. Good one K-G. I can just see that happening too.
    Me, I just use them once. When the Danforth gets locked into big roots and 135 HP won't budge it, just reach down below the water level as far down the rope as you can, and with you sharpest knife, cut the rope! I did that once at Mosquito-that's how I found out where the stump field off 303 was the first time-sometime around 1974! Currently, I have a storage area below deck in front of my forward livewell. I coil it up, tie off the coil and drop it in there.
  9. KaGee

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    Made him buy me a new anchor too! :D
  10. If you're looking for a freebee, check out Lowes electrical department. Catch em when one of their bulk electrical spools are almost empty. They'll give em away free.
  11. I Fish

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    You can make a rope winder from a plywood scrap. Cutout a rectangle about 18 to 20" long and about 6 to 8" wide. Then cut a V into each end. The nice thing is, if it gets overboard it will float. One of mine got pulled over once, and it unwound and floated to the top like a marker bouy. Also, when you tie the rope around the middle, leave an extra 8" or so, then after the rope is wrapped on, you can tie it so it doesn't unwind. Hope this helps.