Best way to sell collectible guns

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  1. I have a 300 H&H rifle, and a British Officers, S&W, .455 hand ejector pistol.
    I don't trust selling them myself on the internet.
    I don't mind giving a gun shop a commission, but they want to keep the guns and have only offered a piece of paper guaranteeing their return. I've heard the horror stories of gun shops going out of business and that too worries me.

    Am I being too untrusting? Suggestions please.

  2. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Figure out a value and take to a Gun Show

  3. I would trust selling it myself over leaving it with an unknown gun dealer. I have sold many guns on Gunbroker and have found it simple, safe and easy. I can't say I have ever been disappointed with the amount received either. It is really the ideal way to sell as you receive a true market price through the auction system.
  4. I buy through bunbroker which in my eyes is riskier then selling due to putting up money before recieving the gun, but I have never had a problem.

    If you use gunbroker,just make sure you recieve the FFL for the person you are selling to, and mail it with signature confirmation and insurance.
  5. You can always sell to a gun shop outright. Most shops will give you 50-70%of retail value and you get cash in pocket without having to wait for the next show. Also don't have to worry about selling to someone who can't own a firearm.