Best way to catch Smallmouth in the Scioto (Dublin Area)

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  1. I've been down to the river trying to catch smallmouth several times & have tried just about everything I can think of w/ no luck. I fished at Scioto Park (Leatherlips), North of Scioto Park & on the other side of the bank & below the dam...

    I'm using an ultralight set up (Daiwa) & have tried:
    Tubes (motoroil color)
    Rooster Tail (white and also tried black)
    Rebel Craw
    Live Minnies (baby bass) w/ a bobber & eagle claw hook

    I know that particular area of the Scioto (Dublin) seems fairly shallow.......any suggestions that I should try?
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    grubs, huskey jerks. try down sizing your lures or up sizing them. 3inch floating rapalas. look to see the color of bait fish and crayfish, watch to see what is happening in the water, is there any surface action.

  3. topwaterdevil

    topwaterdevil SMB and Saugeyes.

    I've fished that area a lot with somewhat better luck. If you're practicing CPR (catch, photo, release), try curly tail grubs, topwater, even some flies. I've also caught them on mepps and rooster tail spinners. I haven't pulled anything over 11" but I know bigger fish are out there because I see them caught every now and then.

    If you're keeping whatever you catch, take a #5 spinner, cast it as far you can, let it hit the bottom and retrieve very slowly. Aim for large rocks and shallow water ;) Add a sinker or two if you'd like to get more "action."

    Have a pole with live bait handy too. When the water is shallow, you can often see huge carp roaming around near shore. They will bite and put up quite a fight too.
  4. topwaterdevil

    topwaterdevil SMB and Saugeyes.

    I should also add that the west bank is where I see most of the fish caught.
  5. Maybe try floating the minnies around without a float or weight.
  6. I think your problem is that we simply need a little rain. The water is so low and the flow is a lot less than usual. Once we get some rain and the water rises a little go below the dam at O'shaugnessy and throw 1/4oz jigs or tubes.
  7. BlueDun

    BlueDun Member

    What time of day are you fishing? That might make a difference in the type of lure and strategy you should use.
  8. to answer all the questions here.......

    i've been fishing in the early evening 6pm-8pm time frame
    yes, i see a lot of topwater action & i forgot to mention that i tried a reddish brown jitterbug w/ no luck.
    & i do catch & release everything....the last time i ate a fish that was caught was a Striper my dad caught out of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky & that was 21 years ago when I was 3 ;)
  9. It's been real tough since the waters been down. I've all but quit fishing it until we get some substantial rain.
  10. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Head north.. and keep heading north... past rt 42... try a bobber and minnow... foot deep....

    There are some killer holes up that way.. just gotta walk the creek and wade it to find/fish em.....

    I got three 14-16" smallies last week.... bobber and minnow...

    FLT_TUBE_JNKY Uber Tuber

    Just an fyi for ya guys, was on 670 east went past the low head dam @ the dublin rd water treatment plant and the water is still a slow trickle going over it. Boy did I want to stop and go fishing. this was @ 11am and it looked great!
  12. "the last time i ate a fish that was caught was a Striper my dad caught out of Lake Cumberland in Kentucky & that was 21 years ago when I was 3." you gotta make a lake erie trip and eat you a perch or walleye sandwhich, you dont know what your missin......:) mmmmm mmmmm
  13. Just caught and ate my first walleye 2 weeks ago. Very good stuff, I'll be eatin more it this weekend :B
  14. We used to get alot at Scioto Park.... White 3/8 oz. spinnerbaits and white buzzbaits... Haven't fished it for along time.... I also caught alot on black and silver Pop-R's... The top water action is great.... early in the mornings and just before dark..

    Good luck