best walleye ice techniques

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    hopefully you guys will be able to help me. i would like any and all information on my best chances for walleyes through the ice. bait, tackle, techniques, etc. all information is appreciated. thanks in advance all!
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    Not sure where you plan on fishing for eye's ? But here goes-- The biggest thing would be a Vexlar ! Yes you can fish with out it but it really makes the difference ! You can be sitting out on Erie and if your jigging away and do not know where the fish are you will not catch a thing. The vexs are a great tool.
    Besides that you'll need a collection of ice lures. Rapals , Swedish pimples, Maybe some small little Cleos. I wouldn't go overboard. But a few differenet colors and sizes will help.

    I usually tip my lures with minnows. start your jigging by first hitting the bottom and stopping a foot or so off the bottom. Watching the Vex if you have, you'll see fish marks. Then more lure above the marks and entice them to bite. sometimes just a little shake of the lure, or just move the lure a few inches up or down.

    Hope this gets you started ? I would also pick up one of the DVD's or vhs tapes on the market the explain jigging programs. The In Fisherman has one I believe.

  3. 4 basic presentation opions.

    jigging spoons(buckshot rattle spoons,sweedish pimples, kastmasters- tipped on the treble with a small minnow or minnow head, during a tough bite replace the treble with a short 3-4 inch dropper (stiff heavy line and a single hook)Use a minnow or minnow head on the dropper hook)

    swimming baits(jigging rapalas-jigging shadraps,etc - tipped on the bottom treble with a small minnow or minnow head, or fished bare during a good bite or when you need better lure action to trigger a bite.)

    blade baits(vib-e) (jig drop and hold technique(yoyo) rarely tipped with small minnow or minnow head, this kills the baits action though)

    deadstick(minnow on a small jig or hook under a float or tightlined, suspended just off the bottom - good to fish in a second hole next to where you are jigging, catches inactive or shy fish)
  4. One other important thing-- timing. Walleyes enjoy a huge vision advantage in low level light times. Their prey are at a serious disadvantage when the walleye see better than the food. Think real early morning and twilight. You can catch walleye during other times but this is when the bite is normally the fastest.

    Really dark days on the leading edge of a cold front moving in are usually good
    also. When faced with a choice of time or spot always go for the darker option. Example -on wind blown ice pick a spot that is snow covered ovewr a clear spot.