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Best waders?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Super Snagger, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. I have recently moved to Urbana and was thinking of giving the Mad a shot yet this winter, but I do not have a set of waders. What brand would you recomend? Can I get a quality pair for less than $100? Thanks Doug
  2. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    I would recommend Hodgeman neoprenes. I have had the same pair for the past three years. I wear them summer and winter. They keep me warm in the winter and are actually pretty breathable in the summer. I absolutely love them. Mine are one piece, and have a velcro pouch on the front that is water proof for storing tackle. Bass pro or Galyans should definitely have them.

  3. Super Snagger, perhaps the neopremes would be best for the winter on the Mad but come the heat of summer, they will be miserable and the Mad has many thorn bushes so keep that in mind, perhaps a little more like 150 and you can get some really nice semi breathable waders which are much more durable and more year round waders. Cabelas offers some great waders for this mid range.
    Me, I long ago moved up to the top of the line Simms Gore tex Guide waders and most recently the G3 from Simms, Its an expensive thing but everyone i know who wears them, ( $425 without the shoes) would never put on anything else.
    Waders is an area where you definately get what you pay for.

    Cabelas and LL Bean both offer replacements if they leak on you, at least for some time as do the Orvis waders, ( dont get the clearwaters, step up to the Silver Labels)

  4. I know nothing about wadders, so if this is a dumb question just tell me. Can I buy a lighter pair 3M and wear warm clothing under them? Another question, how do I know what size to get with out going and trying them on? I am 6' tall and weight toooo much 260 lbs, shoe size 10. I was looking at the wadders Cabelas sells and need some more help before I purchase a set. Thanks again for the help!!!! Doug