Best Swimbaits on the market?

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  1. I was planning on buying some new swimbaits in a couple days. There are so many different brands out there (yum money minnow, strike king shadalicious, berkley hollow belly, luck e strike) and im wanting one that has a lot of action at a slow retrieve. Ive heard the berkley hollow belly swimbait is good, but you only get 3 for $10. thanks
  2. I like the Storm swimbaits, tho they come pre-rigged, so you can't really adjust weight to size of bait, or hook positioning.

    Also, Berkley makes a powerbait swim shad, im almost positive that's what its called. It's a saltwater product tho, so I've only been able to find them in Cabelas' and BPS saltwater catalogs. Rig that with a bullet head jig. pretty cheap option and catches lots of fish.

    of the ones you listed, I've only tried the shadalicious, and since I do most of my fishing on Erie, don't use 'em much because I haven't been really happy with how those types of baits work with enough weight to get down out here.

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    all of the tube style swimbaits are good. i perfer the money minnow, but also have basstrix, strike king and the berkley one's. the most important thing is to get the right hook with the right weight. i use a 6/0 1/4oz. falcon bait jerker superline hook. they are hard to get. you'll have to order them for someplace online and wait for the back-order. i use tackle warehouse.
  4. the money minnow is my favorite out of the handfull of hollow types I have tried. as bad bub said get the hook size and weight right, also when they bite dont set the hook fast, let them chew on it a bit and then load the rod, I missed alot of fish at first with them because I was pulling it out of they're mouths. fish the 4.5in, on a 6/0, I like the 5.5 on 10/0 but thats too much for most situation around here.