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  1. Looking forward, I'm thinking of what's the best flouro or hybrid line to use on my spinning reel. I'm looking for strength, casting ability and, most of all, invisibility factor. There's a thread already that touchs on this subject but it's over 2 years old and lines change constantly so I'm not sure how relevant it is anymore. I'm looking at P-line and Gamma for affordability but I'd like to know why they're cheaper also.
  2. i have used stren all my life never any problems. fishing line is like beer, you pick 1 kind and use it the rest of your life.stren and high life

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    I don't think there is a best since everyone has their own opinions. If you are going with fluorocarbon I would suggest not using anything bigger than 8 lbs test on a spinning reel as fluorocarbon is typically stiffer than mono and may balloon off the spool.
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    I fish a lot of places.
    Me and my fishing buddy go for walleye sauger bass,steel head, etc. Every where we go , We hear alot about floro carbon. But you know what? I use cajun red and stren smooth casting and we catch just as many fish.
    This year we went to maumee my buddy limited out every time. We went steel head and had a blast. There are tons of people who swear by it. I DONT BUY IT!
    I have another buddy who tried it for a while and then disposed of it. Sorry about my soap box.:confused:
  5. P-Line Flora-clear 8 pound started using it last year and love it. If you get it before spooling put it in a bowl of hot water not scolding hot and leave spool in water for about 15 minuteswill spool nice for you.
  6. Never quite thought of it like that, but you're right...
  7. If you think Gamma is cheap than it doesn't matter what I think. I like it but cost way more than I believe its worth. I use triple fish floro and have all the confidence in the line. Made in USA and priced good.
  8. Thanks, everyone.
    I use only 8# on my reel and 6# for my leader which is why I'm concerned about strength but anyone who's fished the GMR in Troy or Piqua also knows why I'm concerned with casting ability and especially visibility. The water here is as clear as bath water and the fish know you're there long before you get near them. I've priced several brands and found Gamma to be the cheapest overall though I'd hardly call it inexpensive.

    Ooops, My bad.
    I was looking at gamma copolymer not flourocarbon
  9. i use bass pro shop xps on my spinning and my baitcasters. 8lb on my spinning and 12lb on my baitcasters, its compaired to stren and alot cheaper. ive used every line on the market, but when it comes down to affordability i dont think you can lose with xps.
  10. For a hybrid line I use P line cx premium 8# and mono stren mega thin 8# I love the castability of both and really cant decide between the two. Both are thin and strong.
  11. I use 8 pound 100% Trilene Floro and that has enough strength to handle any fish that I'm after. The 100% also casts great. Another very good line is the original Berkley Vanish. Great stuff.
  12. 90% of the time I am using a Berkley fishing line. Most of the time I use Berkley Trilene XL. Casts very well, low memory, and its strong and its cheap. I have never had a problem with it.

    I have tried flouro lines and don't see much of a difference between mono and it.
  13.'ve got a lot of lines to try.

    For a spinning reel I second the P-line CX Premium.
  14. I fish bass pro excel and have fewer problems than I do with stren and many of the other lines, I dont dislike trilene big game or smooth casting. pline is great but why spend much on line when some of the best out there is $10 for a half pound spool. also, I wont use a floro main line, put it on for a tourny once and it was off two hours into the day, way to stiff. and I only use braid for one or two situations.
  15. I use either Trilene XL or P-Line pure flourocarbon 8lb. on my spinning combos. P-line's flouroclear seems to twist up and give me a lot of problems. I've never had any trouble with the first two I mentioned. The Trilene is softer and has a little cushion. The P-Line is much more sensitive and has little stretch but you need to be careful not to create too much heat while cinching knots so you don't weaken the line.
  16. I've been researching this a great deal the last two days and surprisingly have found that Bass Pro XPS FC is superior to all but the highest priced in invisibility and higher in overall tensile and knot strength and lower in stretch and distortion than most others also. Berkeley 100% FC sticks out more than all the others and even more than just plain Trilene mono. Vanish breaks easy and has horrible reviews everywhere. At this point I'm leaning towards a Copolymer (P-line floroclear) as my main line and using Bass Pro XPS as a leader. I still have time to decide though and will probably end up lining my reels with something completely different. A site called Tackle Tour does some good reviews on tackle/lures/gear.
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    I use both Bass Pro Mono and their XPS Florocarbon. It seems to fish better than anything I've tried and it is more affordable.
  18. Light/Med line 4-20 lb P Line
    20 lb+ Power Pro (NO streach)
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    Jim - The clear water this year is not normal and was due to the lack of rain. Most years water visibility varies from poor to crappy. As soon as it rains, runoff from the farm fields turns it to chocolate milk real quick. If you are using flouro because it's invisible, you may rethink that next year. I tried flouro and switched back to mono because it is less expensive and for me is easier to manage/cast. I did get better hook sets on flouro and you can feel nibbles easier.
  20. The hook set is very important with the lighter rod I use I have to hit a fish two or three times before I feel secure with my set. As I've mentioned I've yet to catch a saugeye even though my tactics and fishing spots are perfect for them so I have to think sensitivity might be a part of that as I know they're really light nibblers and I don't have as much sensation in my fingers and hands as most people do. A longer life on the reel is also important as often as I fish.
    Visibility has always been one of my pet concerns though for as long as I can remember and having a line I have confidence in adds to my overall confidence in my ability to catch them.