Best seasonal campgrounds.

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  1. I'm thinking about setting up a camper for the season next year.

    Of course, good fishing is number one, and crowds won't be a problem, as I'll use it mainly weekdays. I need to keep costs around $1500/ 2000 a year.

    Where are you set up and how do you like it. I kind of favor the 9.9 lakes but thats not a deal breaker one way or the other.

  2. what area are you looking to go to? i have access to information for about 200 campgrounds. i hear alot of good and bad things from my customers. if you dont already have a camper i can set you up with a great deal on a new or used one. pm me if you would like any more information.

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  3. The areas that I kind of like are Leesville, Piedmont, Atwood. From what I can tell those lakes seem to offer the widest fishing opportunities and are within an hour and a half.

    As far as a camper goes, I have a Coyote already, and although I bought it second hand, you guys have done service on it for me. I might add you have a first rate dealership there. I recommend it to people all the time.
  4. thank you for the compliment on our service dept. ive personally been to all those lake and i feel that atwood has the best campground with the exception of the marina campground at seneca lake. the down fall to seneca lake is unlimited hp. however there are aalot of areas to boat back in the coves and such. let me know if i can help further.
  5. beechwood acre's at cowan lake.the owners really take care of u. one time there i forgot my tent poles and the owners loaned me their tent. that was awesome.i don't have a seasonal site here but i think its one of the best private campgrounds in the state
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    if pymatuning isn't too far, there is a private campground called bay shore. it is 1800 a year, i believe, but it is right on the lake. the campground is extremely clean and well kept. we usually camp at the state park there, but have spent a few nights at bay shore.
  7. Thanks for the help guys.

    This gives me a few places to check out.

    High quality fishing is the most important thing. Thats the great thing about camping. If you don't like the neighbors you can always move.
  8. Atwood is expensive but there is alot of private campgrounds with a couple of miles of Atwood & Leesville. Leesville is a much better fishery than Atwood and it's alot prettier too. Leesville is a 9.9 and Atwood is a 25 with lots of big sail boats, houseboats and jet skis. Piedmont can be an awesome fishing lake with nice scenery too.
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    Try Seneca Lake. Alot of campsites down there. Good fishing to.