Best prospects for Thanksgiving river fishing...

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fieldlab, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Having been down in Georgia too long, am brining up family near Dayton for Thanx. Any guidance on how the local rivers have been preforming...? Are smallies, saugs., northerns, or walleyes hitting around the GMR? Any general areas, dams, spillways producing? Anywhere near Downtown still good, or is it best to head up to Troy, or to the LMR, or the Mad? The drought down here is wiping out fishing, but I was looking forward to showing my southern buds how its done up in the Buckeye state. Have been away too long, would greatly value any advice on finding any good fish! Thank you.
  2. I'm sure glad you posted this. I was just getting ready to do the same. I'll be going to the GMR next Friday & Saturday near Troy. Thanks for any info and thanks for the post fieldlab .......Dan

  3. water temps on the GMR are still hovering around 50 degrees, shouldnt be too much colder come thanx if the air temps stay the same. for saugeyes north of Dayton would be best, they are getting fewer and farther between south of Dayton anymore. smallies can be caught in good numbers in downtown Dayton, done really good a couple of evenings fishing on the south side of river from main st. down to the lowhead with inline spinners producing the best.