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  1. I need to start stocking up for my upcoming Canada trip and I never really know who has the best prices on gear. WalMart is usually cheapest, but I can't always find everything I'm looking for. Any opinions on the different outfitters? Say Dick's sporting goods vs Gander Mountain? Or should I just order from Cabela's? Or is there someplace I'm not even thinking of? What do ya'll think?
  2. someone poated lastwk that gander has half off all tackle,might do a search<i think it was in lounge.

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    Depends what your looking for.
  4. Just looking for spinners, spoons, nightcrawler harnesses, phelps floaters and line. Stuff like that.
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    Overall, Ive been disappointed with every store in my area except for Gander Mountain. They really always have what i need. The prices seem to be about the same as any other place. true you might save a little bit at the big box stores but their selection is a "catch-all" lineup that never changes with the seasons and never nearly has everything im looking for.

    ive done some online shopping for some cool things that ive come across but really GM has it all as far as for my styles of fishing, what i fish for, how i fish, etc.

    good luck.
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    I dont think there is a one stop place, even Bass Pro doesnt have everything I'm looking for, come to think of it the last few times I've been there, I havent found much of what I'm looking for.

    I wish there was the one stop spot, we all would be a lot happier!
  7. Is there a local tackle shop nearby? If so, that may be your best bet. They will most likely sit down with you and find/order everything you need or want. I doubt any one of the bigger stores will have everything in stock, and to order from catalogs will often cost a lot in shipping, because of the weight of many fishing items. Smaller shops will do their best to be competitive in price and there won't be any shipping on top of your total. You should be able to get everything you need at a good price without shopping all over town.
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    There's a place on Williams Rd. It's called Fisherman's Warehouse. They have a lot to choose from.The prices are the same as everywhere else.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Sounds like I got a few new places to check out.
  10. I know of at least one thing Gander in Hillard doesn't have. SUPER ROOSTERTAILS. I finally found them at Fisherman's Warehouse on Williams rd. But this place aint cheap. They were also out of Float tubes (kick boats) when I was theree. But still a nice place to go for a wide selection.
  11. I hit GM and Disk's for their sales during the year and resort to Cabelas for a better selection. The Dick's in Montrose (near Akron) is chronically poorly stocked (right now it is a joke). The Gander Mountain towards Canton is trashed from last week's 25% off sale (the only time to buy overpriced rapalas). Last minute shopping this time of year is recipe for disaster. Heck, I'm driving 35 miles tomorrow night to pick up a couple Williams spoons that no franchise store carries near me. There is no such thing as a one stop shop. I'm more interested in a local tackle shop that has what i need. I'm checking out Rodmakers in Strongsville. Sales are nice, but availability is everything! I'd pay double for the last few trinkets i need for my next fishing trip if i could buy it at lunchtime in downtown Blarberton.