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  1. Taking a long weekend next weekend to get out of the house and get my lines wet. Any suggestions? We would like to stay fairly close to Columbus (1-2 hour drive) but feel like we are out in the middle of nowhere. Secluded camping, awesome fishing, you get the idea... Thinkin' maybe Alum Creek or Delaware? Suggestions welcome.
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    AEP camping awsome bass and bluegill fishing...lots of ponds...and i dont think you can get out in the middle of no where any thinking of gettin out next weekend is a link for ya if you need more info there are lots of folks in the SE forum that can help
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    just another bit of info for ya this is primitive camping nothing but a pit toilet and a pump well with crappy water but it is very nice down there
  5. Ill second AEP. There are few places I enjoy as much. I make it down there about 2-3 times a year but with gas prices shooting through the roof I may have to cut back.
  6. I've heard Stonelick State Park is very nice and has waterfront camping sites. Electric motor only.
  7. I've heard alot of good things about it fishable w/ a 16' aluminum boat or would it be dificult to launch?
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    there are a few ponds with gravel boat ramps...and a few others that if you dont mind backing in the mud you can lauch that way...but most are hand lauch i had a 12ft semi-v that i just shoved off and winched back on...16fter would be kinda heavy id say there a are 8-10 decent pond you could launch from on the road beween camp A and C ..there is at least one behind miners memorial(make sure you have 4x4 this time of year) and one at the end of the road over around the baike trail...iv recently gotten rid of my boat and trailer and got a canoe just for AEP