Best place for ice fishing trip - reasonable drive from Cleveland?

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  1. Hey guys..thinking of planning a weekend trip, most of the ice should be shot here by the end of this week - a little road trip doesn't sound too bad and I can take a day or two off if it'd be worth my while.. Where's the best ice fishing within reasonable drive(6-8 hours max hopefully) for eyes or perchies?
  2. We could join Falbinki in Vermont. He will be giving me an update later in the week on how the fishing is. Last I heard the guys that were there were getting perch up to 16". It's a ten hour drive.

  3. 2 words...Lake Chatauqua
    At least is was a few years ago for perch. Seems the reports this year are of smaller fish. At about 7 hours not a bad trip. Not sure how the exchange rate is now value wise.
    Chatauqua: never been there. Know a few guys that go in the summer (bass).
    Bigdaddydb post looks great ! Its close enough.
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  6. Looks like I"m heading to Chataqua. Bigdaddyb check pms
  7. Thanks for the tips guys - I had a great time in Chataqua, ended up bringing home about 50 perch from my fishing friday and saturday. It sure was a nice change to only have to walk about 50 yards to get to the spot (30-50fow), compared to the hauls we've been putting in on mosquito. I was all excited to be allowed to use my quad up there to tow the shanty and there was no need lol. Anyway thx again to those who suggested it!

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    Cool pics...
    How was the fishing??

  9. This is the end of my first season on the ice - so I can't really give much of a relative comparison - but to me the fishing was awesome. There were slow points, but at some points I could not keep 2 lines in the water, as soon as I sent a bait down it was getting nailed - a far cry different than my weekends fishing catawba/erie this year or even mosquito lake - where you will sometimes wait hours for a bite. I ended up keeping about 25 perchies friday and 25 saturday.
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    We'll change that soon buddy, we'll get you all set up when walleye fishing becomes easy. :T well at least most of the time. ;)