Best of the KY lakes?

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  1. Greenbo, Grayson, or Cave Run...for good sized bass and crappie?
  2. I'd say Cave Run. I fished Greenbo a lot this past year for bass and never did well. Btu, if you go there check out the pictures in the bass. I went to Greenbo yesterday, got :S again

  3. I heard that they are catching some big bass at greenbo right now but you have to fish for yhem about 12 to 20 feet deep on texas rigged worms. My buddy went out there last week and caught two five pound large mouth and a whopping 6 pound smallmouth. I didn't beleave him until he showed me pictures. Thats where i am going tommorow.........
  4. I think it's just me...I haven't had any luck there. But, I know there's some real hogs in there (like I said, check out the pics in the bait shop!) Two state record bass have been caught from there
  5. i have seen them and they are very nice i have seen some big ones swimming next to the dam and i will tell u what i sometimes use a rapala minnow that looks like a trout because them greenbo bass love the trout i use to fish for trout there and big bass would try to swallow them when i was reeling them in so i tried that lure and had some greta results with it

    i also left you a reply on the greenup dam if you havn't seen it yet i would love some feed back on that buddy thank you.
  6. This is a handmade lure made by a guy in Boyd County. Never thought I would use it, but since it has trout colors I might try it at the dam in the spring...

  7. that looks like it would work to me buddy i would give it a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    make sure you try it around some weed beds. Or throw it along them drop offs out there about twenty to thirty feet from the shore.
  8. Looks great to me too. I'd love to see that pattern in a rattle trap or any other lipless crank.......I would stock up!
  9. rapala makes one. It's about 5" long, three treble hooks and it's looks identical to a trout, They carry them at border's but that is the only place i can find them. So if you are ever at border's pick up a couple you will be very suprised with the results
  10. I caught 4 trout on greenbo last weekend, it took about 30 mins and I headed home. It was to windy. Prob froze now. Your best bass fishing on Greenbo is to go at night its 100 percent better then day fishing on that lake.