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Best net ????

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by exexec, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. I want to buy the "best net" for lake Erie walleye fishing from my boat. Looking for one that the handle "telescopes" into the net area during storage-any good ideas-i looked at the beckman site but there are several models and without touching it I can't tell if's right size. Thanx
  2. Chk Falls Outdoor Sports Thats Where I Got Mine..

  3. The two best I've used are the Beckman and the Frabill Powr Catch. IMO they are both good nets, but the Frabill has the added feature of having a triangular shaped handle, which keeps the extension handle lined up for easy lock-in in a hurry (sometimes necessary). I still don't get the "round extension handle" theory-even a cheap extendable net I used to have had an octagonal handle for that very reason! I have the #8400 w/#8470 extension handle. Total handle will go to 8', plus the length of the hoop. The PowrLok yoke allows the handle to extend into the hoop and easily snap into place. The whole net will store in a space about 4' long! Very strong handle even when extended all the way and the bag is virtually hook-proof.