Best line for throwin cranks

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  1. hey guys, what do you think the best line for throwing cranks with the baitcaster is? I like the smoothness of mono and fluoro, but the no stretch and sensitivity of braid is nice as well. I am sure this has been covered but there are so many different lines now, whats a guy to do... I quess by more reels and fill them with different lines!!:p
  2. I tried the 8/30 Super Braid and didnt like it on bait casters. It cut into itself and ruined the hole spool. I like the mono on them because there isnt any nesting or twisting.

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    I have tried all three...fluoro, braid, and mono and my choice is mono. I can cast farther with mono than with the other two. I also have better hook to catch ratio with mono as well.
    Gets the bait deeper, good sensitivity, good abrasion resistance, invisible in the water. I have no problem with casting distance. Using 12 lb florocarbon on a round Ambassadeur with 1/2 0z crankbaits. For 3/8 baits I like the PLine flororclear 12 lb.
  5. I like Mono because of the strech it has when you set the hook. Braid will sometimes cause a hook tear out and sometimes Fluro can do the same.

  6. I started using braids quite a lot several years ago for various techniques and decided that if it is good for the other presentations then it must be good for cranking as well. I managed to change my mind in a fairly short time because I was just losing too many fish after the initial hookup. With the reduced stretch I just could not keep soft even pressure on the fish when they would thrash. I have wondered if perhaps you could offset some of that with a faster/softer rod action. The rods that I use did not fit that bill so I have gone to using either straight mono or on some I am just attaching about a 10' mono/flouro leader. This method eliminates the need to replace the entire spool of line regularly as braid will not break down over time nearly to the degree that mono and flouro will. I just replace the leader every now and then.
  7. I switched up from mono to fluoro last year for crankbaits. Flouro will sink faster than mono which will assist getting your crank a bit deeper which helps in some situations. I didn't notice any loss of casting distance or smoothness. Also, Fluoro does have stretch, it just won't increase when wet as a mono will.
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    For me I use 2 different lines depending on the situation. If I am cranking Heavy wood cover (and I mean heavy, the same places most are throwing jigs and such) them Im using 30lbs power Pro. If you use braid with a crank you half to loosen your drag even more than you normally would so the fish can have some play. Also you do not set the hook with a crank and braid you gently pull the rod (not sweep).

    For all other cranking I use Gamma Copoly in 10 or 12 lbs test. This is what I use 95 percent of the time. The other 5% is the braid in wood. I love this line. I have tried mono and floro in all different kinds of brands and like this the best. It is a good strong line and is not too expensive. It is smooth on the cast and the diameter is very acceptable for the pound test. My second choice if this line was never made again would be a tie between bass pro Floro and Suffix sage line. Both are good lines but I just love the Gamma the best.