best hot dogs in the world

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by peon, Sep 15, 2005.

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    this is simple to do.. goto wally world buy 3 cans of castleberry's cilli hot dog sauce 3 cans for 99cents trow them in a crock pot with a pack of hot dogs put on high for at least 3 hours then low till you are ready to eat!!! they are so tender and full of sauce flavor!!... my g/f told me they dont even taste like hot dogs..(she dont like hot dogs) she loves my style of hot dogs!

  2. peon

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    best thing is throw them in before you goto work and bam you get home and have the best hot dogs!!! they are so tender they fall apart when you pick em up..
  3. misfit

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    good sauce,but the best i've found is homemade,from a little restaurant in fairmont west virginia :)
    they make it in plain,hot,and hotter.
    everytime the wife goes "home" for a visit,she gots to bring a batch home.still have some in the freezer:cool:
    i used to always cook my dogs in the crockpot.holds in all the steam and nothing like it :)
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    evidently you guys never tried the hot dog inn, in cleveland. been woofin down their dogs for 35 yrs now. i would like to try tony paco's in toledo sometime too.
  5. misfit

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    evidently you've never been to fairmont west viginy :p :D ;)
    j/k freyed.i've had some great dogs in many places.if i get up that way and get the chance,ill have to remember that hot dog inn.
    there's a joint just a block from my home,that opened this past year,with a big sign that's says "world's best coneys".i have yet to try their dogs because a few friends who have,seem to think they stole that sign from someplace like the hot dog inn ;)
    eventually i'll critique them myself,just to keep my friends honest,but i think i'll be disappointed.

    now for my alltime favorite's the ones i used to get as a kid,at the a&w root beer stand.i think what made them so great was having that big frosty mug of draft root beer to wash them down with :D
  6. i'll have to try that one sunday for the game, thanks peeeeon :D
  7. Look for some dogs made by David Berg....they are a good size and flavor..not wimpy like a lot of dogs..The crock pot is a good idea. Thanks
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    there is a place (bar) that we order from for lunch at work and generally there food is over cooked and over priced so I don't eat there. On a chance 2 weeks ago I ordered 2 chili dogs w/ the works. relish,onion, jalepeno peppers (my bung was afire that night), mus-turd, chili, cheese. Man I was in love, mmmmm. We usually eat there on mondays and I waited all the next week only to find out it was a McD day. :mad: So, on friday it was ON, I am getting those sloppy dogs! Place my order with the Secretary and about 10 mins. later she comes walking up to me. NOOOOO I say, don't even tell me bad news. She said the bar was out of hotdogs, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU RUN OUT OF HOTDOGS WITH A GROCERY STORE DOWN THE DAMN STREET!!!! I've been drooling for hours only to be let down. I should boycot that bar, but I'd be doing my tongue a misjustice.
  9. Misfit what place in Fairmont are you speaking of??????????
  10. misfit

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    kingjohn,it's called woody's.on morgantown ave.
    good stuff,except i don't like the hot sauce ;)
  11. bill_gfish

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    Update on the best chili dogs I've ever eaten. They no longer sell them. Figures
  12. crappielooker

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    chicago dogs babyyy.. fully loaded pleease.. :p
  13. Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren ,Ohio, Market St. Sauce and onions, get sauce on the fries. Ate them all my life, worked there in 1965 while in college, had a heart attack in 1999, have not had one since!!! They are great!!!
  14. They aren't as good as Jib Jab's are they??????????????????
  15. They are better than Jib Jabs, at least they used to be. I also used to like Coney Island's in New Castle, but the Hot Dog Shoppe was number one in my book. I have not fished for a week or so, have been sitting in a tree, and have a bearing problem to rectify on trailer. I will watch for you in November at WB , Tom!!

  16. Without question, the big "O" in downtown Pittsburgh or Shorty's in Washington, PA. Top two hot dog stands, hands done!

    Oh, to be home again! :)
  17. OK, since we're going out of state...I grew up on New Brighton hot dog shop dogs. Smooth tasting sauce, nice warm/soft bun...HMMM, HMMM. You can find these shops scattered around the Beaver Valley in western PA. Beaver Falls, N. Brighton, Beaver, etc. Been eating them since my teens.

    LUREDADDY: Peters talked me into getting the 10-pack one night at Jib Jabs coming home from Skeeter cause they were a good deal! A "package deal". Ten dogs and large fries for 7 something. 5 a about self abuse! We've done that twice and I told him absolutely no more. lol That guy eats like no tomorrow. He's embarrasing. lol ( I P.M. you. )
  18. I go through Fairmont quite often ,,,, great italian food as well in Fairmont.


  19. misfit

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    john,we only get down 2-3 times a year,so the wife always has to bring some sauce home for us and some friends.