Best Giant Bass Lake in Ohio?

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    Ok everyone, the key words are giant bass (public fishing) lake in Ohio. Let's not post where we think the best places to catch bass are located. Let's post where we all think the possible state record is located on public waters...

    My vote is Burr Oak Lake... What is yours?
  2. fishingredhawk

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    1. AEP Lands
    2. Burr Oak
    3. Fox Lake
    4. Tycoon
    5. Hargus

  3. smallmouth - lake erie

    largemouth, I would have to say Wolf Run lake. I have seen some giants in there when they are spawning.
  4. I'm with ya V-Max.....

    Somewhere in the Southeastern region is holding that bass. I know there's an 8.5 somewhere (not wolf run though) because i've seen it, and that was 3 years ago, and it is public.
  5. burr oak and snowden, snowden is much harder to fish but there are more fish over 6 in there than i think any other lake in the state. shocked 4 in one day this spring and one crew missed one my professor said was 8+
  6. Well now Im really excited...I'm going to Burr Oak this friday, saturday and sunday for the first time!

    I would have to go with Mike on this one and say the AEP area is the best bet for a 13+lb largemouth. Smallies are the obvious lake erie...gotta be a world record sitting in there, let alone state record.
  7. Marshall

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    I would have to add clear fork on the list also.
  8. i didnt see the part about the next state record, i will go with that fish will never be beaten, not to be a downer but i have still yet to see a pic ever of a verified 11+. though if it is there, maybe in some lost aep lake, maybe, i think the reservoirs for catching trophy 5+ fish
  9. they have electroshocked two bass bigger than the state record out of Nimisila resevoir!!!
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    I think lake erie is very under rated for large mouth. I have caught many nice ones out of erie and very rarely do I catch shorts.
  11. id like some tips on fishing burr oak if anyone has any? never fished it before im staying in one of the cabins there by the lodge and i was wondering if anyone had any good tips
  12. my bet is rest haven or norwalk reservoir #1. ;)
  13. ranger i am willing to bet thats a "slight" exaggeration by someone back when!
    Katking i have only fished burr oak from the bank but i have done well on both swimbaits and jignpigs, my best luck has been big swimbaits, on the dam, with a nice wind blowing in right at dark. a boat would make a huge difference, but i would stick with big fish tactics, jigs, swimbaits, maybe some shakey heads.
  14. Intersting...i know there are some big ones in acton, but what about the Ohio River? I have heard good stories about some of the creek arms.
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    Erie is best for everything
  16. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    New guess
    One of the La Su An ponds or lake erie...
  17. what is Ohios current state record for a largemouth? Is it still 13lbs 2oz?
  18. 13.13, 25 1/16" Farm Pond Roy Landsberger, Kensington May 26, 1976
  19. My experience is that large quarries hold the biggest Ohio largemouth. I have either caught, seen caught, heard caught, or seen swimming the biggest bass in quarries. Larger quarries are usually deep, clear, provide minimal spawning areas for bass, have limited structure, and are loaded with pan fish. The "minimal spawning" is a good thing because the #s aren't as high, but the size is exceptional. The clear water and limited structure make them spookier so they are harder to catch allowing them to grow BIG. I saw a mount along with pics of bass that went 8, 8.5, and 9 lbs all out of the same quarry. Personally, I've caught numerous 5-7 lbers (more 5s than 7s) out of 3 different quarries while seeing fish that were definately bigger.

    Okay, one quick buddy and I were fishing a quarry right outside of Bowling Green when we saw a big bass.....we worked that fish for almost 30 minutes.....finally, it grabbed my buddy's live bluegill and headed straight for deap water (this quarry was 50 feet deap).....after about 3-4 minutes, my buddy got it up to the surface when a HUUUUGE bass that was DOUBLE the size of this one came up out of the dark deap water right behind it......why it followed this fish up was a mystery to both of us.....anyways, we landed the fish and weighed it on a berkley digital scale and it was 5 lbs 6 oz......that eans that the other fish was EASILY 10 lbs!!!!!