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  1. What is the best fishing line in your opinion?
  2. OhioHuntr02

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    I dont really know if it's the best.....and if I had to guess most people would say it is not.....but I use Bass Pro Shops line, both mono and fluorocarbon and they both work extremely well for me. Not to mention you get a lot more of it for your money.

  3. fishnfool

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    I would like to know that too, because I can't seem to find a line that I like or that will hold up for more than a couple of months. I used Trilene xt for years, then fireline but haven't had good luck with the new fireline. I give up
  4. I really like Power Pro as far as braided line goes. I have used it for a couple years now and have not had any problems with it. As for mono I like either Trilene or Stren.
  5. crittergitter

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    I always used Stren Clear Blue and switched to Suffix Elite this year. I like it, but I am having fits with nasty wind knots on the cast? I am getting them even when I am absolutely positive there is no loop on the spool which is mind-boggling???? Any suggestions on how to avoid this problem or make it go away? If it's just a problem with the line then I will scrap it.

  6. I have been using P line this year and I like it alot. Next year I will switch everything to it except for trolling rigs.
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    I see all the ones I like are listed. Trilene XT has worked for me for years. I have that on most of my rods I use for bass fishing. P-Line is a great line that I use for pan fish. P-Line in 4-6lb. test is perfect. I have Power pro on my trolling outfits and the spinning reels I use for jigging and drifting for eyes. I also have used Visious line that was sent to me to try and it also is a great line. Lots of good lines out there. Once you find one you like, if your like most of us, you'll stick with it.
  8. Fishing line posted in Central Ohio fishing reports?
  9. FishJunky

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    Suffix hands down. I've used cajun line, P-Line, trilene, ect. P-Line being the worse. Suffix has been a great line for me.
  10. Steelwolve

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    I also love the suffix, I use the mono on my bass, and crappie poles and absloutely swear by their Braided superline for Catfishing. I use it on spinning reels and have had hardly any birds nests at all. Also seems to wear alot less than the powerpro I tried last year.

    Crittergitter, Is it posible you have it spooled on backwards? I fished for a long time without knowing there was a right, and a wrong way to put mono on. I havent had that problem at all with the suffix.
  11. RareVos

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    I went through several types of mono and copolymer lines looking for something manageable with great knot strength. The closest I got was Yozuri ultra-soft. I moved to PowerPro and all the twist and line problems went away.
  12. I've been using Power Pro for the past 5 years and have not found one better!
  13. I've been using suffix seige for a few years now, it has very low memory and doesn't stretch a whole lot. I've used it primarily for pike and never had a bite through.
  14. Have to agree with ohiohuntro2, have been using BassPro Excell mono for better then 10 years now, 4 lb. and up and it is good stuff. Cant beat the price either, 9 bucks for 1500 yards, cant beat that.

    The trick with any line, if you are putting it on a spinning reel is to put it on twist free. Just lay the spool on the floor, give a couple of turns to the reel. If the line looks like it is twisting, just turn the spool over, and you are good to go.
  15. I like the suffix mono but the braid was not impressive. I tried the bass pro shops line out this year and really like it. You get around 1300 yards for under eight dollars. I also like the plain old berkley xt. As far as flourocarbon I tried the p line flouroclear and liked it, it cast well and doesnt seem to hop off the reel like some others do. When it comes to braid I like the spiderwire and I tried the power pro this year which was good. I am getting to the point where I am just looking for line that gives you the most for your money. I hate spending twenty or more dollars on 200 or so yards of line which you can really only spool one reel with. I really hate spending that when you spend that and go out and get a backlash thats real bad to the point of having to cut it all off and respool. Luckily I dont really get those anymore but it was real annoying when first learning how to use a baitcaster many years ago and getting them all the time.
  16. Capital outdoorsman

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    I just started using P line and like it quite a bit. Not too pricey either.
  17. Suffix Elite in mono, Seagar in fluro, Power Pro in braid.
  18. has anyone tried the new trilene flourocarbon professional stuff? I bought a spool of it and am going to try it out this weekend.
  19. I just switched to BPS XPS flourocarbon and love it! Of course I'm not speaking with a lot of experience with it, but it casts great and I have yet to have any problems with it.

    Crittergetter, is this a spinning reel that keeps doing this to you?

    If so, when you cast from now on do not auto-click the bail. Manually grab the line and pull it taking away any slack from your hand to the reel and manually click over the bail. Not doing this over time will be cause for a birds nest to show up unexpectedly.
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    Yes it is a spinning reel, and I know of that. I have been manually turning my bail over for years. I got some good feedback on another site and here in earlier posts as well. I believe I have twists in the line from how I spooled it onto the reel. I will pull the line out and do my best to remove the twists and then i should be good to go. Thanks guys!