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Best fillet knife sharpner

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Juan More Fish, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Juan More Fish

    Juan More Fish AKA Dnavarroj

    I need a good knife sharpner, for my fillet knives. I have, rapala red, and a steel hone, and accusharp. But wanna get something that will put a razors edge on my knives. They are 6 inches up to 8 inches. thanks.
  2. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    I've had several types of sharpeners over the years and believe it or not the best I've had is the accusharp. That and a quality steel will give you a great edge and not break the bank. I've had high-dollar electric sharpeners that were great but for $10 you can't beat the accusharp tool. It lasts a long time as well- just flip the blades if you wear them. A light touch is all it takes and you'll be shaving the hair off your arm in no time. Stick with it- it's a great tool.

  3. did we just have a thread like this in another forum? Think it was called Knife Sharpening..
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  4. yes your right, I started it trying to find a guy on here that sharpens knives. but everybody was giving the worksharp great reviews so reluctantly I bought one and used it. now its a simple task to put a razor edge on all my knives. I bought mine from for 69.95 and its well worth the money. and its so easy to use that I couldn't even mess it up. just pull the trigger and pull the knife through the guides a few times and its sharp. I used the medium grit belt to sharpen my knives then used the lapping belt to put a razor edge on them. I have a blackout pocket knife that's got the partial serrated blade. and the front of the blade was getting dull. I just run it a few times with the lapping belt and now its razor sharp again.

    a lot of times a fillet knife isn't really dull the edge just gets turned. all it needs is a few strokes with the lapping belt to bring the edge back. I highly recommend the worksharp.
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  5. I have always used a 2" wide by 10" long fine & coarse sharperning stone, just gotta get the angle right. Shaves the hair on your arm. I've used these knives, 2 Rapala's, 1 Shrade and a new Cutco (sharper than heck) that one of my daughters got me for Christmas. The blade extends out another 3.5".


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  7. you also get different guides with the work sharp. and it just takes a few strokes through it to put a razor edge on your fillet knife. it probably took me about a minute to sharpen my blackout pocket knife.
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  8. Ant


    I like Lansky.
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  9. I bought a schrade honesteel several years ago. I has been my go-to ever since then. There were different generations, the older being the better IMHO. It is very easy to use and is extremely quick at putting a good usable edge on most anything I have used it on. Many have said it makes their knives scary sharp. Several are available on ebay most of the time. they ask stupid money for some of the older ones but if you look, you can find them at reasonable prices. I have bought several and given to close friends. They enjoy them.
  10. Lazy 8

    Lazy 8 Shermie's NEW Council

    Personally, I like Fishtracker's approach. But you have to have finesse. If you lack that, then go to the $70 setup that the other's are talking about.
    After hitting the stone, I take mine to a homemade strop. Go online and buy some leather, get an extra 5 gallon paint stir stick at Lowes, (or they'll give you one if you ask) cut abut 4-5 inches off, glue the leather to the stick and "charge" it with some green chromium oxide. (heat both with a hair dryer first) (stick and oxide) You've just made yourself a strop. 1/2 dozen passes on the strop after the stone and lookout fisheys.
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  11. capt j-rod

    capt j-rod member

    I use lansky as well. I picked up their cheesy hand held sharpener with the little diamond rods. You simply drag that down the blade 2 or 3 times and it cleans it right up. I usually keep that right on the fillet table and hit it every three or so fish. The secret to a sharp knife is not to let it get dull.
  12. capt j-rod

    capt j-rod member

    Fwiw, on the big jobs I use an American angler electric. It blazes through 24 walleye in no time. If there's only 2 or 3, then I use my forschners. They seem to be the best blade for the buck.
  13. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Wow! You have the exact same model Schrade fillet knife that I have owned for 30+ years! And it's still razor sharp and does a great job. Love that knife!

    I have a Forschner as well. For the quality of the steel and the edge they are hard to beat for the price.

    I used to like Fishtracker's approach, but somewhere along the way I lost the knack of using a flat stone. And I have some nice ones. Nowadays, I'm more likely to take the edge off a blade than put one on!

    My current sharpener of choice is something called the "Edgemaker Pro". Had it for years. Basically a plastic handle with 2 pair of crossed steels, one pair coarse to medium, the other pair fine. Does a great job touching up all my knives. One thing it will NOT do is put an edge on a totally dull blade. I don't even know if the thing is made anymore, but it works great as long as you don't abuse the knife before you touch up the edge.
  14. $10 Accusharps are the best that I have found for a quick easy sharpening. I work in a kitchen and that is what we use. If you are proficient with using a stone you can get a great edge that way..but takes a little longer and if you aren't great at using it- it wont do you very good.
  16. I love my schrade had it for 15 years like it so much I bought my buddys one now there made over seas and I can do twice as many fish before sharpening wich my buddy does on a stone 4 a 6 pack. fish on
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  17. dcool


    By far the work sharp will put a razor edge on any knife in a matter of seconds. I was skeptical about this until i tried one out. Believe me, they are the best knife sharpener on the market.
  18. The one that I have is this Eversharp by Presto. It does a good job once you get used to it. The course wheel on the left is good for blades that have been slightly abused or rolled but for the most part the medium and fine wheels are all that's needed . This is the only one I've used so have nothing to compare it to. As with most of these type of sharpeners, it's somewhat easy to pull the knife out slightly crooked as the tip passes through. It's hard to tell you are even doing it, but it can make all the difference in a sharp blade and a razor sharp blade. They have to be pulled at the exact angle of the guide from butt to tip with no downward pressure other than the weight of the knife. It takes a little practice to perfect it. Some of the negative reviews of any sharpener out there are most likely caused by user error.
  19. Lewis


    While we are on knife sharpening, a tip I learned is a chainsaw file works absolute wonders to bring back those serrated edge electric filet knife blades!
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  20. Here is an interesting video showing how a vehicles side window can be used to sharpen knives. Cool little hack that might come in handy out in the field.