best electric knife??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Gju42486, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Gju42486

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    burned up two of those green mr twister knives this year already on the walleye we have been slaying around here--im looking for a tough knife that is a little more durable, i like the serrated edge for walleye, but also like the flat edge for doing perch, do most feel this way or do you use one style of blade for both species. Thanks guys
  2. harle96

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    Good topic. I just burned up mine on Sunday with the last eye on the final cut.

    I had a Rapala for 3 years and was happy with it. Probably not too bad considering all the hacking I've been doing.

    I'll wait till the end of the week and replace it accordingly.


  3. SwollenGoat

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    Another vote for Rapala. I know 2 guys that have them and love them. Just picked up one myself last week and can't wait to try it out.
  4. K gonefishin

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    I smoked two Rapala knives weeks after getting them, I have had the same green Mr Twister for years now and it's cut countless numbers walleye and who knows how many perch. I have talked to some other walleye guys and they give the thumbs up on the twiser knife and thumbs down on the Rapala....maybe you got a bad one?
  5. I also have the Rapala that has served me great for 3 years so far although mine is used on mostly crappie and gills and not on the larger bones of walleye. I bought mine at Wal Mart but for some reason they never carry the replacement blades.:rolleyes: I think I am going to have to order them directly.
  6. After Kgone busting my chops about why i spend 30 bucks every year on a new Rapala...(.Because i like the way it looked) and felt the handle was easier to hold... along with the way the blade was designed..... We had many, many debates about this...

    I finally broke down... and got one!(Thanks Tom!).. after going through an average of one a season .. (i smoked 2 of them and one just quit.).... I just got the mister twister and it dosent run as hot as the Rapala's..... the blades cuts just as well if not better..

    so far so good... I will not buy any thing else besides a Mister twister again..

    I do like the Pirana(salt water) version which i might pick up here soon and have as a back up..

    Just my 2 1/2 cents.

  7. you can send the mister twisters back and they will replace under warranty. i sent one back that was way out of warranty to have them replace switch but they sent me a new one instead! can't beat that.

    otherwise, i'd just go to walmart or Kohl's and buy a black and decker or similar "kitchen" brand. cheaper then ones that are marketed by fishing companies and do the job just as well. or try ebay.

    my 2 cents
  8. Gju42486

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    Sounds good guys- thanks, ill be on the horn with mr twister and see what they say. Its possible i got a bad one....or maybe i just catch to many fish :p
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    really... hmmmm
  10. I've had an American Angler that has worked well for twelve years now. I received a Rapala as a gift this spring. I have cleaned many eyes with it, including a couple four and five ticket days. It has served me well, so far.
  11. Gander Mountian carries the replacement blades.
  12. I have the American Angler. I picked it up at Wal-Mart last year on the end of the season clearance for 9 bucks and it has worked great. I can't even tell you how many Crappie this thing has been through and it's still like new. I got the new Shark blade and it is even better than the regular blade!!
  13. Gju42486

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    do you guys find it easier to use a straight edged knife on the electrics for smaller fish like crappies and perch or do the serrated edges do just as well?
  14. ezbite

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    my rapala has saved me MANY, MANY hours cleaning walleye. i use the long serrated blade. dont even need an extension core. i just plug it into my diehard portable power pack. it does start to get hot after about a dozen walleye.
  15. I use a serrated blade on Crappies, havn't had an issue.
  16. gonefishin'

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    I had an American Angler and burned it up on the first big batch of gills. I decided not to skimp and bought the Rapala. The Rapala comes in a case with 2 blades and will run on 12 volt and has an adapter for house current. Maybe these knives can't take the constant running? Maybe let them cool while using? That will be my plan. Good thread. :G :F
  17. I am curious whether all of you Erie guys when filleting your walleye cut through the ribs entirely and then trim them out as opposed to trimming them from the carcass without cutting through them. I used to always just carved them off the fillet without removing them until I started using the electric knife because larger fish can be difficult to cut through the bones and tend to dull a knife rather quickly. But the electric knife gets through them pretty easily. However, it does make the knife work much harder so I was wondering if the difference between life of knives for different guys is related to which method they use.

    By the way I use the serrated blades as well and I think they are necessary when cutting through large ribs of bigger fish.
  18. Toxic

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    I have a mister twister w/serrated blades. And It's probably around 20 years old or so. It has been reliable for me and it has never slowed down. Bkr43050, I go through the ribs with no problem. I can even cut out the cheeks with the blades.

    I've been contemplating on buying a cordless one but I have read some bad reviews about them on Cabela's website concerning the battery life not lasting over a year. Anyone have any pro/con comments on that? I would like to hear them.