Best day of fishing this year.

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  1. Fished the river friday evening and landed 1 and lost quite a few others. Kept seeing really large fish jumping up river and decided to try to give them a shot this morning. I fished 4 different areas and did not even get a bite. So went out the evening and fished for 2 hours and had 12 on. I lost 5 and landed seven. 1 broke my 20lb line like it was nothing. I landed the biggest of the year so far and it was 16lbs. Also caught my first mirror. It was 6lbs. I rode my bike to this place so I did not take my net. It was a real pain to try to land the bigger fish. But some how I was able to get my hands under them and land them. The biggest fish had lips large enough to put a tennis ball in its mouth. It was a pretty cool dark black fish. I put him in a trash bag so I could weigh him and his tail was sticking out the top. I caught a really bright orange one and another that was almost totally white. I think it might have been what they call a ghostie. The fish where deffinitely in schools. both nites I would get a run on the rod on the down river side rod and usually in less than 60 seconds would get another on the other rod. I had 3 schools come through my area. I caught 3 on the same rod in less than 5 minutes. As soon as i casted out I would get a hit. the final three where really nice size 9 to 12lbs I am guessing. I did not want to waste time weighing them since the fish where biting fast and furious and I knew they were smaller than the biggest that I had already caught.
    So all in all it is turning out to be a good weekend. I was bummed about not having enough money to make it down to the outing at west bank but at least the fish are cooperating here. Going back in the morning.

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    Sounds like a great time, I am glad you are catching fish!..You need to get a digital camera so you can show then off!

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    thats awesome to hear you got into them marc.. :)