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  1. What is the best creek to fish for smallies around Columbus this time of year?
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    Republican Run in Grove City, chock full of 20" Smallies :D :p :D

    Joking aside newbie Smallmouth/Saugeye anglers often have it rough; you don't know what to use, you don't know where to go, often times it seems as though your SOL. So what do you do? you do what any other novice would do: ask for help.

    This forum is a great place to find help, however many of us have put in thousands of hours developing patterns on specific stretches of rivers/creeks. In return "we" are rewarded with "the best" Smallmouth spots in Central Ohio. Sort of hard to just hand that info over to some relatively anonymous person on the Internet. Also remember that there are numerous individuals out there that come to this site looking for an easy meal: they have no problem breaking the (poorly enforced) laws...All they care about is a freezer full of fish (check your last post).

    Enough with the diatribe, Bottom line: there is no "best creek" in Central Ohio, literally every creek/river in this area can produce phenomenal Smallmouth fishing, you just have to learn the "ways of the water". I would suggest picking a mile-2 mile stretch of river/creek, then hit that stretch every time you go out. Take an assortment of lures (topwater, cranks, jigs, tubes, spinner-baits etc.) and switch back and forth until you find out what works. Fish that stretch for a couple months straight and I guarantee you will find a pattern, with that pattern you will find phenominal fishing ;)

  3. I agree. And if it were just me, I'd love to just explore all of the creeks in/around Columbus. However, my wife and most of my friends aren't fishermen/women, so I want to take them somewhere where they'll catch some fish. I'd really love it if my wife had an excellent day of fishing, where she actually caught a good amount of fish, and then was hooked on fishing and of course if that was the case I would get to fish more and with the woman I love. I'd also love it too if some of my friends got hooked so I'd have good company on days my wife couldn't come. I might not be living in Columbus very long and I'd prefer not to have to take five years to find all of the good spots and then move. Also I don't keep fish. Thanks for the response by the way.

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    If you want your wife to have a good time, I suggest a farm pond with a lot of largemouth bass. Smallies tend to require getting wet and/embarking in forest navigation. The only specific tip I can give you is find swift, deepish water near still, deep water. Also, Scioto River & Big Walnut Creek.