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  1. Where can you find decent catfishing spots that are handicapped accessible. Somewhere that you can drive next to and set up a tent a Plus.
  2. You looking for a state park or a pay lake?

  3. Either, We both have our licenses
  4. I am not sure about state parks, as I am usually in my boat, or I am fishing in the river. I am sure some of the other guys could help you out a bit in terms of that. I know there are quite a few pay lakes that have very good handicap accessability, or they will do whatever they can to accomodate you.
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    Well I would say Rainbow but you blasted them in another post, so that's out of the question.

    Sadly your not going to find what your looking for in this part of the state. However, you could contact the Miami Valley Conservacy (spelling?) and see what spot they recomend.
  6. State Parks have alot of Handicapp access, Below Deercreek Spillway(dam) they have 2 wheel chair ramps that put you right on the water. They both have rails around them and are kept in good condition. The fishing has been pretty good of late. They also have handicapp access restrooms on site.
    As far as Paylakes, most of their banks are in rough condition, however Catfishermans Paradise by the bait shop is real accessable but will not let you put up a tent on that side but they do have shelter houses right on the lake. Good luck fishing.
  7. Rocky Fork has lots of lighted docks to fish from and the state camp ground is pretty decent. I'm not sure about restroom facilities. My grandmother was handicapped and never had any trouble. There's quite a few channels and a good chance at flathead too. My stepbrother caught a 30+ pound flathead fishing off the wall by the State park campground a few years ago.
  8. Cedar lake in goshen will let you drive up to most of the lake, so you can almost fish right from your car. some gravel areas would be tough with a wheel chair but...could be done!
  9. Lake Isabella has blacktop right up to the lake in places...
  10. The wifoid isnt completely wheelchair bound. she can take short walks over level surfaces (Not rocky or very steep). has part of her foot gone plus a few knee surgeries. so I have to help her with balance. If she falls There is no way I can help her up (medically restricted as far as how much I can lift right now).

    Been as far as Lawrenceburg In (wormies), but the trip was too much for her and had to do an "About Face".

    BTW. went with a couple of buddies to GMR in hamilton county while the wifies went to bingo and caught the first fish of the season SMB. :)

    Been to isabella off 275 once this year. was going to go back last weekend but it was full of some kind of youth group so I decided to try somewhere less crouded. Thinking about checking out cedar, cozydale, & catfish paradise 2. not great at navigating unknown territory though :)

    So I went to check out a tavern and lake in Delhi that I enjoyed in my youth. where once was a small immaculate lake with flat well kept grassy shore line 25 years ago now sports a tree and weed overgrown cesspool. Was one of those heart breaking moments of disillusionment.

    Green garbage bags floating along one of the banks, an old rotted picnic table in the lake. The water at least 3 feet below normal, scummy....

    From talking to a guy at the tavern, The owner has been suffering from cancer and been undergoing treatment for a while now. The rest of the family must have gotten over their head trying to manage things in his absence.

    My prayers go out to him, and I hope that one day the lake will be returned to the former glory of my youth.
  11. Cowan Lake has a handicap access pier that they recently built.
  12. knox lake has a nice wooden deck built right at the water, ine caught big smallies 3 lbs straight out from there b4