Best Catfish Fishery

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by Day81, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. was wondering what is the best catfish fishery in southwestern ohio?
  2. Im no expert but the Ohio, GMR, LMR and tribs are all good producers of Channels and a few flatheads. Blues will only be found in the Ohio and the Ohio probably is the best overall fishery for size for all 3 species. If your after numbers, the Ohio is not the place and apparently not the GMR either, at least this year...:(

    I cant help you with lakes... other then all of them can be good at certain times.


  3. In terms of the GMR, cut bait has been the ticket; WHITE BASS, WHITE BASS, WHITE BASS. I have used every thing from skipjack, shad, bluegill, green sunfish, redhorse, and stonerollers. The stonies worked early in spring for channels however I haven't been able to find any recently.

    The majority of the time I use white bass because they are available. That may skew the statistics a bit. The fact remains that, outside of stonerollers used on one trip, NOTHING else has produced.

    The only bait that I recommend more is a big-live creek chub. I haven't soaked any chubs this year because it's easier to use white bass. It takes about 15 minutes to catch enough adjacent to where we catfish.

    I have recently found a pond full of stunted common carp. I'm going to try and break the flathead slump I have been in with these badboys. They are perfect sized; about 5-6 inches. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    As far as the best catfishery, the bigger the body of water, the bigger the fish. For a bank angler you can't beat the GMR. It's big enough to hold large fish and small enough to fish on land. The key for me has beeen finding the right pattern. It has been tough but mixing up spots and presentations has worked for me.