best bow kill yet (pic)

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  1. got this nice 8 on nov.8 and dont really know what he scores but would like to hear what everybody thinks. any reply would be great. he has a 26in neck and weight is 225 dressed
    he measures:
    g2 left 11.5
    right 11.75
    g3s left4.5
    brows left 4
    right 3.75
    inside spread 19
    good mass but not sure of measurements. any guesses on score would be great let me know what you think

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  2. ...andybren...I have no idea as to what he will score..but that is one nice wall hanger....someone out here will have a good idea on what he will score Congratulations and again nice buck....C.L.
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  3. Mushijobah

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    What a chunky deer! He has a good rack, so anywhere between 120-130 probably?
  4. Bnichs

    Bnichs ...

    Given the measurements you posted (no circumferences, or main beam length).

    I plugged in generic measurements for the missing numbers and you are probably looking 120 to 130. My generic measurements came to 124.

    Very nice buck.
  5. Nice job the scores seem close.
  6. crittergitter

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    Congratulations on a real nice buck! I would guess him to be around 125 or so. I don't think he'll gross more than 130"s but he is good one for sure.
  7. I guess 110-120.Good lookin deer.Doesnt look like much deductions.