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    If you had to pick the best bass lake within roughly 30 minutes of Niles, shenango included, where would you fish? I am brand new to this area and am wanting to find a good bass lake to take my boat.

    Thanks in advance......
  2. That close to home, it would be hard to beat Mosquito for numbers. It also depends on what kind of boat you have...IMO Pymatuning is very underrated...Deer Creek, although it's a little more than 30 minutes away, is another great place.

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    As far as a boat its an 18' Nitro Bass Boat, so Pymy is out.

    I fished Mosquito once just last week, the only thing I didn't care for was the fact there are no fingers or coves. When the wind started to pickup, it could get real ugly real quick.

    A guy near me swears by lake Milton.

    Where is deer creek?
  4. Lewis


    Ladue is awesome for big fish.
  5. Based on the brief description of his boat, sounds like electric only lakes are out too (ladue, etc).

    You might want to try the Portage Lakes.
  6. Milton is good, but Berlin is better. It's a little farther away for you, but it'll be worth it. Largemouth's are all over and have decent size. Smallmouths can be found in some areas, and can get big. Most smallmouths I catch there are between 12 and 14 inches, but I have caught several in the 16-19 inch range.
    Deer Creek resevoir is just west of Berlin, but I believe it has a 10 hp limit, so your boat would be out unless you used electric. My first choice would be Berlin though.
  7. I hear that...the wind DOMINATED me at Mosquito today!!

    I think that Milton is a little underrated as coves their either but there is a wide variety of cover/structure...including the river if it really starts blowing.

    As mentioned, Deer Creek is a little West of Berlin on 225. It is an electric only lake but you can have your motor in the water. Well worth the drive IMO.
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    You can't ask for a better Bass lake than Berlin(IMO). You will swear you are in a Bill Dance video. The water level is still up although they are lowering it to the normal summer pool level of 1024(about). As of this mourning the pool level was at 1024.75 and stationary. There are lots of willows and down wood to fish around and in. You will enjoy this lake tremendously. Take a look at a good topo lake map and make a plan for your day on the lake. It is way to big to try to fish in one day. Stay away from the southern electric only portion of the lake. We fished there yesterday for three hours and only found carp spawning. It's way to muddy for smallies or LM bass right now. Stay just north of the low bridge in the south lake with the spillway to deer creek lake. You can fish all around the main lake till the wind and or the go fast boats pick up and the waves get to rough. When the wind starts out low the bite will pick up also. I'm going to say anyplace south of the R/R bridge in the no wake area should be good for flippin docks and willows. Have fun its fishing not work and make it fun, You'll enjoy your time on the water much more. Good luck.
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    Portage lakes is worth the drive, look at the tournament results over the past 5 years on this lake. It is a bass factory where it will consistantly take between 13 and 18 pounds to win in a 4 hour tournament and numerous 3-4 pound bass and good number of 5's as well.
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    You're crazy! No fish in LaDue:p

    Portage Lakes or Mosquito get my vote when I'm not wasting my time on LaDue that is.
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    sorry guys ive lived on portage lakes my whole life and ya you can catch consistant bass but size is not great and they get so much thrown at them makes it hard also. i will tell i have brought in great size and numbers in the same day milton but only on the right day for me. i dont get to many chances to get there though.
  12. question...crazy how we all live right here and no mention. Folks come from 'round the world to fish it!

    Take that 18'er to the bubble with a bucket of crawdads- if it's blowing go throw a tube in the Grand at anything that looks like a fish would live there...

    you'll be amazed!!!

  13. Since you mentioned it first I can chime in.:)
    For Largemouth it's Portage, LaDue or some of the Erie tributaries and bays.
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    Which of the Portage Lakes would be good to try first?
  15. yea i would go to berlin,milton for a chance at smallies large mouth and muskies berlin is nice as far as coves go but milton is a great lake to go cast cranks in the open water or agenst the shore line but the big lake is way better than all that we have said the tribs are amazing if i was you i would go straight to the long trib to the mouth of the ash is amazing for bass i love it just me though i would try any one of the lake they have said
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    JJ, are you related to Larry ?
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    Why has no one menioned west Branch?
    I personally have not fished there in many many years but thought it felt right for bass if that is what i was after. And i also hear that it is the place for good stripers...
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    nop not related as far as i know.
  19. Good luck at catching a striper, very few in here now as far as i've heard. The big one was a long time ago
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    ditto on the bubble[​IMG][​IMG]