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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by stcroixjoe, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I just bought a new to me boat it's a 21' sylvan center console it was stripped of everything i just bought a radio , antenna ,compass , most of the saftey gear and i'm donig some re wiring and a little carpet/ rod holder work. now the big debate which fishfinder to get i want to spend some where in the 200-300 range i'm on a limited budget now what do you guys think is the best unit for the price range i'm looking in?
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    Eagle 480 is in that price range. It's a good unit for the money. Gonna have to spend a little more to get color. I do alright without it tho.

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    If you don't "need" color, the 480 is a great unit. Resolution is fabulous, easy to navigate and durable. My X91 is basically an Eagle 320 with more power but it's done well for me. This unit was over $400 new years ago but the same unit now, the Eagle 320 is under $160. That's a great price on a great unit.

    If you're fishing big water and need GPS, I'd stick with the 480 and buy a separate GPS unit- nice ones are out there for $200 or so.

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    you can get an eagle combo w/ gps for $200.00.or go with the 480 for the same price. i have the 480 also.
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    i picked up an eagle fishelite 500c fishfinder/gps and im reeeeeal happy. I got mine on craigslist for $12 or so- used but in great shape
  7. The lowrance x125 with 480x480pixels and a whopping 2400 watts peak (to spot those 4" perch laying on the bottom of erie) is worth a serious look for $300 unless you must see your fish in color. Best resolution and power for the money. It's on my xmas list, just below canvas top for new boat, but above 9.9 kicker.
  8. Joe, my boat #1 is equipped with Eagle 480 and boat #2 (co-owned)
    I equipped with H'bird 565 bought here ( thanks george)
    both are great but I still prefer the 480.