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  1. what is the water level lookin like?
  2. I was down by there last weekend it was up in the willows !

  3. The water level is up past summer pool. I was out there last weekend and the bays on the way to the spot were higher than normal pool elevation. The water clarity is very bad. Might have cleared some since last weekend. Dont worry bout getting a boat hung on anything.
  4. sounds good...draggin the boat with me to work...then fish on
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    Here's the link to the daily and forecasted level of Berlin and many others. As you can see, summer pool is 1024.7 and it's 1024.3 at the moment, so that's about as close as it gets. But if you look at the forecast, you'll notice that they are slowly drawing it back down after the deluge of last week. Granted, it's only a few inches a day, but I think that'll increase next week. For now, good fishin' I would hope! And the link.........
  6. fished shore off 224 there yesterday.. water was up a lot since I was there last in june. Fishing was hit and miss.. water was very muddy.. caught a couple pearch/gills/smallmouth/cats but nothing of any size.