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  1. Was thinking of icing Berlin Saturday. I have never ice fished this lake and understand that it could be dangerous with all its flowing water. I fish it a ton in the spring. Has anyone been up there and how thicks the ice? Were do guys fish for walleye and crappie. Any help i'd appreciate it/or if anyone wants to meet up saturday.
  2. Drove by there today on 224 going to Canfield. One shanty just east of the center of the lake on the north side. Dudes truck was parked near shore also NE side. Saw one other bucket sitter just north of the shanty. First road east of the causeway,(north side of 224) then first left turn will put you where he was parked. No open water showing. That bay near shore was always fair for walleye years back(wife caught three keepers in 5 minutes there once!) That's all I know. Be careful!

  3. fished there wed and thures wed i caught 6 eyes 3 keepers and 3 small ones biggest was 18in. yesterday we did not get anything. going to try again today. the ice is good where we was 5 to 7 in
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    Fished there yesterday, Mon. and going here shortly. Caught 6 eyes yesterday in 15 fow. Lost one nice one at the hole. Had a few throwbacks , but all in all a great day. Ice is approx 5". Will be there Sunday for sure and possibly tomorrow. By the way CJ, that was our shanty yesterday and the red ford truck at the end of the sunken roadbed!
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    i hoping todays warm weather doesnt hurt the ice for sat. never fished berlin on the ice have not done much ice fishing at all would love to go this weekend would apreciate any reports thanks
  6. It'll only help it with these cold temps creeping in
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    Im headed out tomorrow for some fishing. Hopefully those walleyes are hungary. Good luck and be safe.
  8. I fished Berlin yesterday afternoon for a few hours. Got one walleye and had a few other "lookers."

    Ice is fine.

    For what its worth, I was using a vibe on one rod and a 1/2 ounce hammered silver Hopkins spoon on the other, both tipped with minnows. The strike came on the Hopkins.
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    Was at Berlin yesterday for about 5-6 is fine. That little warm up only helped us as now most snow is gone and the small puddles there are now solid ice. No snow means ice will form quicker!!! My buddy called me from there at 9am and you will now need grippers/cleats on your shoes! I only got one yesterday, but other than the wind, it was nice to be out. Didn't take my shanty and really didn't need it. Will be out again tomorrow!!
  10. Thinking of heading up there this friday and sat. Never ice fished on a big lake, any tips? (What to use etc...)
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    I fished Berlin today from 3 to 7 with only 2 nice crappie . I saw alot of fish but they just had lock jaw . I put just about everything in front of there faces and they just were not having it. I might go back tomorrow.
  12. i fished yesterday from 12 to 3 got 3 walleye and lost 2
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    You guys are doing better on berlin then me and about 1000 other guys on erie. Congrats!! Wonder where my next stop will be? LOL!!
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    i tried sunday from 10am to 4pm by the dam area. 17' of water, then 42'. one catfish and one crappie. ice is 8". first time on berlin. marked a lot of what seemed like crappie but they were totally unresponsive, like zombies. very odd.
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    Got there yesterday at about 8:30 am and fished until 4:30 with no fish to show for it. Only 5-6 people when I got there and 25-30 when I left. Tried everything from vibes to deadsticking, spoons and pimples with minnow heads.....nothing interested them. Had one attack my vibe, but he got off before I saw it and it didn't feel all that big. The lake was really singing yesterday, most of the day she was making ice. Ice wise, we're in excellent shape.....and more cold to come...ya gotta love it!! I'll be up there one day thru the week, again Fri eve and one day (or both?) on the weekend... Good luck all....!
  16. Joerugz and I were out Sunday from about 11am til skunked. First time out there through the ice. Some regulars told us we were in a good spot.said we were right on top of an old road in about 17ft.Didnt have any electronics with us.I'm guessing by the amount of fish we caught the old road closed sign must still be up down there.
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    Yea I saw you guys. I was the one hollering from my shanty about the guy on the phone in the cowboy hat who was asking you (or his phone) if you had 8-10" of ice! What a character, eh? I saw on the way in, the van with Joe Rugz name on it and remembered it from here on several occassions. Oh well, better days are coming, and it still is great to have this much ice and for so long......
  18. Hey Snake, First time out at Berlin and I had a wacko approach. I swore he was talking on his phone. He had his hand up to his ear and stopped 20 or so yards from us. I sure was confused!! I thought he was talking to some friends on the phone about the ice. His ear must have been real cold.

    But thanks for the info and chatting with us.
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    Yea he walked towards us after he was done screaming at you (or his phone?) but he never said a word. I thought it and he was a bit strange. The way he was dressed, he had to be cold quite quickly!! Nothing like wearing a cowboy hat and street shoes out on the ice!!!