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  1. I know the bass have to be biting out there but how about the eyes. Plan on camping 5 days this weekend and havent fished there much this year.
  2. If you are going to be in a boat on Berlin, beware. The lake has lowered some and if after you go under the 224 bridge heading down the lake, south, be very careful. There is either a sand bar or rock ledge that is barely below the water. We hit it yesterday in our boat going slow, luckily, but bent our prop.

  3. yea its pretty rough going on berlin. keep a good eye out when coming up on any points. lake is down at least 4-5ft. if you use bonner rd ramp stay left...that point on the right heading out into the lake comes waaaay out. seen at least 3 people ground boats there today(tuesday).

    btw no eyes. just some cats. dragging worms. slow day
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    The lake is about 2-3 inches shy of being down 5 ft right now. If you don't follow the channel when heading from 224 to the tressel bridge, it can be very treacherous. On Sunday, seen a guy in a pontoon stuck on the "shoe". Now being that it is actually 6-8 inches out of water, I have to assume that he wanted to anchor up there, w/o using an anchor! Actually touched bottom myself on the third point south of the tressel bridge. Be careful and go slow while out!!
  5. Thanks for the heads up guys! Ill be out there for 5 days. Pullin the kids around on a tube should be interesting!:confused: Ive bottomed out once out there. The drop off the sunken islands infront of the ramp is BAD! Wonder what the Army Crops is doing with Labor Day coming. No wonder WB is packed. Thanks again!
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    can ui drive down to the lake too the r/r bridge
  7. I know this may be unpopular but: I think the corps is doing the right thing, only a little late, in lowering water levels. I may be completely wrong on my theory but here it is. When I lived near the lake 30 years ago, all the bays and points had tons of willows in them. They and much of the long term vegetation is gone. In the 1970's the corp started their annual draw down right after July 4. The willows seemed to prosper. Now the drawdown is much later in part from pressure from boaters. I can understand their concern but keep in mind that the willows extended at least 150' from shore on the point that is across from the Bonner Rd. ramp and now they don't. Also, the bays close to the boat ramp were packed with willows near the shoreline and now they are gone.

    I don't know if delaying the annual drawdown is the reason but I do know that the places that offered a great amount of cover for the fish is now gone. I'm no biologist but there seems to be a cause and effect thing going on here.

    I'll watch intently for comments on this theory.
  8. i agree with that... i live by the lake and as far as i'm concerned start letting it out around june after the crappie start heading back to the deeper water there would be better vegetation growth and the recreational boaters would be fine just like now if they stick to the channels and i know what some of you are going to say about the flood control i know that what that lake was made for but everyone knows what kind of shape the berlin dam is in lower water levels would get some of the pressure off of it and prolong the time before they make it look like a creek and rebuild the dam any way sorry to go of on my soap box but i did go fishing friday night and caught a bull head and a 12 inch walleye the eye hit close to shore i figure about 10 fow dragging a half of crawler on a jig head on the bottom good fishing all
  9. Usually the best bet this time of year is pulling #5 and #7 shad raps out on the main lake humps. But be careful as many areas will soon be exposed and eat your prop.
  10. Collin, are you the "murfdog" :confused:
  11. Yes sir. Yes I am.
  12. Well I did manage a few eyes. Biggest was 22in. out of open water and all at night. Throw in a couple perch,cats and bass but still slow. All the bigger eyes are from trollin I hear of. Just one fish per boat. Pulled the kids on tubes mostly but tough on the weekends. Camping during the week is the way to go!
    As far as the water levels go,Berlin is the worst for flooding and low water. Watched 4 boats run a ground. One was a 30ft fiberglass at night.:confused:
    Still why lower a lake that much when the others are full. Looks like the Army Corps messed up with all the shallow humps and points. Summer pool should be up 5 more feet but doubt the dam would hold it. Maybe another is in the works the next 30.