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  1. didnt do bad considering i havent hit that lake in three years but we fished for eyes mainly,we got 17 walleye between 15-18in. my dad and i didnt even bother counting the ones under the 15" limit all were on jigs n crawlers.they were all released cuz personally they taste like crap outa there.we fished for bass for awhile and picked up 3 smallies 16,16.5,and 16 3/4in. those were all on cranks.then tried for crappie.that was a waste,we donked in the willows and took 11 between 10-12in. and got a big ol' rock bass nicer crappies just didnt get into them.with the coldfront it was tough,looked like the walleye tourny was tough too.
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    Well, maybe someone from the Western Reserve tournament will post here. I was there from early in the morning until about 2pm. And from all that I talked to, and it was a dozen or better, those professionals only got a few. In fact, a few people I know very personally, (4 boats/8people, to be exact!!) out of those four boats, each one(each boat that is) including me got only one keeper each. ( and they were 15.25 - 17"...barely) It sounds to me as if you personally should be fishing the PWT, as good as you did. And that's all I'm gonna say. Now, there were alot of folks out on the water, and I'm looking to see a few posts, like the ones that resemble mine....little to no fish. Oh,...... we had some fish come in, like a half dozen throwbacks, 6 to 9 inchers. sure can fish!!!
    Oh yeah, one of the hardest days I've fished in awhile. That cold front on Saturday did it. At least you figured it out!

  3. i was in that tournament and i beg the differ on your comment. many teams did well. The tournament is a 5 fish limit and many teams brought in their 5. All but a couple teams caught atleast a couple keepers. Nothing too big was caught but a lot of keepers. 3 lbs was the biggest
  4. We are from western reserve walleye association but buckeye walleye club had the tourny yesterday, we fished it and yea it was tough for big fish but we caught 14 keepers and weighed 5 between 16-17 1/2" and about 25-30 throw backs, we only weighed in 7.40 pounds good for 5th but only paid 4 places. It doesnt matter if you fish buckeye or western reserve tournies they all are tough fisherman and someone is going to bring in five fish, when you fish these tournies there is no such thing of a bad day of fishing someone will figured them out and will catch fish. One of the biggest things I get out of tournament fishing is learning different ways to catch fish, you have to be versatile to be able to compete all year. The tournies are open to whoever wants to jump in so instead of trying to put our club members or tournament fisherman down put your money where your mouth is...our tournaments are well run and resonable to enter...who knows you might learn something....good job to the top teams, sam cappelli
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    Enlighten me on the "Taste like crap.....out of Berlin" comment. Is the water that bad over there ? Maybe there is something there I'm not aware of.

    Walleye aren't the greatest of fighters. I don't think I have ever fished for them so I could release them (other than adhering to a size/slot limit, etc.). We all know they provide some of the best freshwater table fare you can find. Just wondering what your culinary experience with Berlin Walleye was like that would make you say that.

  6. What kind of crankbait were the bass hitting you can pm me thanks jigabass
  7. Not a bad day for Berlin eyes at all. The numbers seem to be up this year though not many rumors of larger females taken yet. At least not that people are reporting anyhow. I'll be hitting it again this week and will post results.
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    When you mess with the Bull,,,,,,,you get the HORN!!!!!!!
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    Let me set this straight. I in no way meant to insult any tournament anglers. I guess the post was so long ,I didn't want to make it even longer... As for Sunday's fishing, it was rough. But, that doesn't mean that limits weren't taken. I personally did not talk to any folks that got theirs, but I also didn't stay for the weigh in, as I wanted to get out before the crowd. But I do know of one or two teams that did not limit, and also some people that were in the tournament that didn't stay because they had only one fish. I have alot of respect for you tourny guys, I personally don't have time(never know if I'm working 10-12 hrs thru the week plus Saturdays, and I have 5 kids), I don't have the extra money that a tournament presents(good thing I didn't invest any this Sun) and I fish to relax and for table fare. Personally, Berlin walleye and crappie taste fine to me. I have good friends that are regularly involved in tournaments and I root for them. I'm sure there were several limits brought in. I'd be surprised if the Dossey's weren't in the top 3, but anythings possible. As for puttin' my money where my mouth is, I don't recall challenging anyone??:confused: Anyhow, I hope this clears that up. And All Eyes, I think the place you told me about is the only place we didn't fish. We tried points, shoreline, every depth from 16' to 3'. Actually I got my one keeper in 16', jukin with a vibee in the restricted area. This week seems more stable come the weekend, so I'm confident we will limit!

    Oh yeah, I fish one tournament a year, the company tournament and it happens to be at Berlin. I took first place and big fish about 3 yrs ago. And let me say this, it didn't take much.....
  10. well i find them to give up a nice fight and theyre fun to catch but they kinda taste like mud to me.the PCBs are high in that lake and i have a theory so run with me on this.the zebra mussles are horrible in there.they eat alot of the plankton.which is what the shad eat.with maybe alot of the plankton being eaten another food source shad eat will be mud,getting the crustations and organisms out of return the walleye eat the shad,thats their main forage in this lake so the walleyes get that transfer taste of all the PCBs from the shad.just an idea.
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    ran with you but didn't follow...
  12. Fished Tuesday eve. We drifted 10-20 FOW and picked up 2 crappie, 2 White Bass, 1 14" Walleye, and a Bunch of small cats. I'm in the learning process out here.
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    If those taste like mud, then L Erie eyes must take like crap.....I think the inland lake 'eyes, namely milton/w branch/berlin/mosquito....DEFINITELY taste better than those from Erie, but the Erie eyes are still pretty good!!!!!!
  14. Any walleye will have that sort of taste when the skin/silver layer from removed skin/red meat around lateral line is left in. For me, it makes a big difference for Erie eyes and will sacrifice a little meat to remove all of the red and/or striped meat.
  15. well maybe its just me then,i always remove the red meat too thats where most of the toxins are at that and in the belly meat.lake erie wouldnt get effected tho id think cuz its such a large body of water compared to berlin
  16. It only takes an extra second to cut a little V and take the red out. I've always done it and never had a bad tasting walleye from Berlin yet. Or anywhere else for that matter. Some people still bleed their eyes by cutting their gills when they catch them. It makes for a snow white fillet but I never bother doing it