Berlin Wed. 5/21/08

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  1. Question. Is this May or late March? Went to Berlin today for crappies. Water was 57 degrees. It was at least 5 degrees higher than that in mid-April. We did manage a few fish but the wind and cool temps chased us off the lake by noon. I can't remember this many fronts coming through in such rapid succession in late May. All of the fish came out of deeper water. No hits in the willows or brush. Just in case you're looking to try your luck this afternoon or evening.
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    Hey Fat Bill, do you mind me asking what you were catching and with what, besides crappie that is
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  3. i went out today with my buddy he got 3 nice channels and a bunch of gills i got a bunch of gills and two crappie one was on a jighead with a crawler i thought that was weird never caught one like that before
  4. Cought 30 More Crappies At Berline I Love It I Nevere Get Skuncked Man I Love That Spot It Is The Best I Never Have To Go Any Where Else
  5. We were using minnows on a bare hook with a split shot about 6" above and working vertical. Also, used a plain jighead with a minnow. The hook and minnow seemed to catch more. The channel cat was caught on the jig/minnow combination.

    I have been able to pick up crappie each time I went out but they seem to be more difficult to catch after the fronts come through. But, I guess thats normal. Looking forward to a few more crappie next week and then start trying to pick up some walleye. I have never really fished for walleye at Berlin. Should be a bit of a learning curve.
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    only got one keeper myself yesterday, 'eye, heading back out in a little bit...
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    The weather patterns have changed over the last few years. It doesn't level out around here anymore until June, if then.